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Tim Guan


Antifa, who calls itself anti-fascist, should be called anti-(First-Amendment) and labeled as a domestic terrorist group. This band of far-left extremists has an insidious anti-freedom agenda to divide America from within. Like an annoying tick, it feeds off through political and social media coverage and is garnering support in doing so with the help of these respective outlets. In truth, Antifa is equally as bad or worse than the alt-right and must be stopped from further harming society.

The irony of Antifa is that it claims to combat far-right groups through “peaceful” methods. In the last protest rally the group assembled on Aug. 27 of this year, “black-clad Antifa protesters violently struck down right-wing demonstrators in a brutal attack” that left dozens injured while the police did nothing to stop them, according to the WashingtonPost

This is not the first case of violence erupting at rallies with Antifa as the main aggressor. Improvised weaponry has been found among its members. Baseball bats, metal pipes, smoke bombs, switch blades and firecrackers – all of which are illegal, but also tools of terrorism. In one particular case, Antifa member Eric Clanton – also a college professor at Diablo Valley Community College- attacked an unarmed Trump supporter with bike lock and fled off into the surrounding crowd at a Berkeley protest on April 15.

It wasn’t until after a relentless internet witch-hunt for the black-masked individual that Clanton was arrested and is now charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

This incident shows that any seemingly normal individual can be an Antifa member, indoctrinated with radicalist-communistic evil with tendencies for unparalleled aggression. They could be any of us, even those who call themselves “friends.”

In defense of Trump after his comments regarding the “Unite the Right Rally” in Charlottesville, Virginia which he claimed that, “both sides were to blame,” Democrats, Republicans, and Media were eager to condemn his comments as if the alt-Right is far worse than Antifa-both are absolutely terrible.

Unbeknownst to these anti-Trump outlets, they are now eating their own words for both intentionally and unintentionally supporting these radical leftists: failing to acknowledge them as a threat and following their anti-Trump narrative no matter what he says (good or bad.)

Fortunately, the light of day has touched some individuals and organizations who have seen through Antifa’s duplicity and fake narrative. The FBI and Department of Homeland Security has officially designated Antifa as a “domestic terrorist organization” and warns for more “Antifa attacks in the future.” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has also condemned Antifa after numerous rallies finally convinced her of its aggressive tactics. Even Trevor Noah of the Daily Show has humorously called them “vegan ISIS.”

Antifa is a grave threat to society and must be stopped. Like any domestic terrorist group they encourage violence over reason. Through the use of terror disguised as “peaceful protests.” Anti-(First Amendment) will continue to persist among society unless further action to downplay its violent cause is countered with the acknowledgement of the organization as a threat to society, but also as a threat to freedom and liberty-the exact opposite of fascism.

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