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Tim Guan


Some people say “Israel has no right to exist.” Others say, “Israel and its Jews are one of the greatest evils in this world.” Some even say they want the “Utter and complete destruction of their (Jews) nation.” What’s fascinating is that these comments aren’t the new norm. This hatred for the Jewish people has been ongoing for centuries and has a new name for contemporary use- “Anti-Zionism.”

These belligerent remarks are just examples of the ever-growing anti-Zionist lobby in this prejudiced world. Anti-Semitic organizations have disguised themselves as “Anti-Zionist” movements to protest and delegitimize the state of Israel not only because of their refusal to accept the idea for a designated Jewish state, but simply for the idea itself of having a dedicated homeland that exists, which bothers them.

Organizations such as the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS) has voiced their cause against Israel with one of their main platforms calling for the end of the “occupation and evacuation” of Palestinian lands. Although this argument has validity, which presides into the issues surrounding Israel’s existence, it’s unforgettable to not remember the millions of Jews who were displaced and forced out of Europe during the Holocaust. The creation of Israel was essential for this diaspora for those unfortunate enough who no longer had a home and were finally granted one after suffering and undergoing a genocide that wiped out most their populations in Nazi-occupied countries.

Even the United Nations, responsible for the creation of Israel in 1948, has ironically begun to take an “Anti-Zionist” stance from the influence of a predominantly anti-Israel lobby. Throughout the numerous resolutions passed against nation since its inception, in just 2016 alone, the United Nations General Assembly passed a total of 20 resolutions singling out Israel for its violations and abuses of Palestinians for the occupation of disputed territories within the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Only 6 resolutions were passed against the world combined, completely ignoring the fact that countries with the worst human rights records advocated and signed the referendum such as Saudi Arabia which is ironically the leading members of the UN Human Rights Commission.

Out of the 50 Muslim-majority countries in the world. How many Jewish-majority countries are there? In a UN panel led by anti-Semitic Middle-Eastern countries surrounding Israel, wouldn’t it make any sense that Israel is in a very compromised position to not defend itself? Especially with the fears of nearby belligerent countries wanting to invade and destroy her land? Unfortunately, this has happened in 1948 by the Arab League, 1967 by Egypt, Syria and Jordan, 1973– again by Egypt and Syria.

Israel is the only liberal democracy within the Middle-East that does not discriminate against of different race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Unlike Palestinian held territories with their backward laws, such as making homosexuality illegal, anything that goes against their government led radical-Islamist narrative is condemned and chastised as Zionist propaganda where children are taught to hate Jews since childhood. The people in charge of leadership within the Gaza Strip and West Bank such as Hamas and Hezbollah are themselves oppressing their own people by restricting access to basic human freedoms such the right freedom of speech or religion. Why are we singling out Israel for its human rights violations when other Middle-Eastern have even worse offences

Throughout history, the Jews have been blamed for everything wrong in this word. Even after centuries of persistent oppression, many new forms of anti-Semitism still continue to exist, having developed into finer means of legitimizing and justifying bigotry against the Jews.


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