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Not that LGBTQA couples would choose a pizza parlor for their wedding ceremony, but they should at least have the right to do so if they please.

Memories Pizza of Walkerton, Ind., however, takes a different stand. And because of the state’s recently passed “Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” the small business — among hopefully very few others — can do so by citing the owners’ religious beliefs as enough reason to refuse service.

“If a gay couple came in and wanted us to provide pizzas for their wedding, we would have to say no,” one of the parlor’s proprietor, Crystal O’Connor, told ABC 7 on March 31.

It is not news that businesses such as restaurants reserve the right to decline service to those who go against their code. Many are familiar with phrases such as “No shirt, no shoes, no service.”

This basis is understandable. Not wearing clothes or footwear not only make other customers uncomfortable, these acts may also be direct violation of sanitary practices.

However, if a business’ sole basis for refusing service to potential customers is the runners’ bigotry, it is only appropriate that people stand up and call it for what it is: blatant discrimination.

The word about Memories Pizza has caught up to most of the internet world; and has received backlash from the majority of social media. The store’s Yelp page was bombarded by negative reviews (most of which appears to have later been deleted). This outrage caused the store to close temporarily, according to a Los Angeles Times April 2 report.

It is true that each of us is entitled to our own opinion. However, this does not mean that our personal beliefs and opinions do not hold consequences; especially, if they directly affect other people’s quality of living.

It is true that certain businesses now have the legal ability to decline service against LGBTQA couples; but the rest of the country also has the right to uphold their own set of values and not patronize these establishments’ bigotry.

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