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Nicholas Biria


As the semester closes and summer approaches, students are faced with new challenges. Between studying for finals and planning for summer, the priority date for registration is approaching for fall and summer classes.

Registration is all about choosing what’s best for each student.

“I want to earn my units and move on to a four-year college,” LPC art student Holly Depitrillo said, “I’m already inquiring about a student educational plan to help me move further.”

Depitrillo wants to be an actress after earning her associate degree.

“I want to attend San Francisco University after I’m done here,” Depitrillo said, “I want to move ahead and look into new things there.”

Choosing the right classes to earn that degree is what most students are aiming for. Many want to move on and transfer to a four-year.

Counselor Hideo Nakano-Hiraki said,

“Having a student education plan is key,” counselor Hideo Nakano-Hiraki said.

“Picking a major can be overwhelming, but good to learn,” he continued. “It gives you a sense of relief and gets you ready to go for what’s to come.”

Students who have not yet made a student educational plan can make an appointment. Undecided students need not pick a major. They can focus on general education or an associate degree, which may lead to transfer.

A three-step student success plan is, according to Nakano-Hiraki, is a plan that helps students figure out their time here. He recommends dropping in to see the counselor often. It’s very helpful and a great source to look to for advice.

The counselor explained that the three-step student success program could help students learn strategies to improve academic standing. They can improve academic records such as GPA and completion rate by getting counselor support.

Nakano-Hiraki recommends the three-step student success program highly.


“It’s great for students either experiencing academic difficulties or who want to improve their academic performance in college,” Nakano-Hiraki said.

Although it all can be very overwhelming, with the right help and skills anyone can succeed.

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