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Angelica Estacio
Staff writer

With a staggering vote count of ten nominations from all over the campus, LPC Academic Senate President Sarah Thompson, snags up the “Person of the year” award by a landslide.

Thompson’s recent boost in community popularity is not a complete surprise, as it can probably be traced back to her steady exposure under the spotlight this year, facing up to school matters and controversies left and right.

Among the most talked about feats for the school administration head is her involvement in the new state mandate of the “1440 degrees.”

The 1440 degrees are specialized course tracks that students can choose in order for them to be able to quickly transfer into the California State University school system.

Upon the implementation of the new law, community college instructors and administrators all over the state are given a deadline to rewrite their respective courses offerings. With such a short span of time given, instructors find themselves quite distressed.

“It is a significant amount of work to get this done,” Academic Senate President Sarah Thompson said. “We are all scrambling.”

But they need not worry as the senate president has their back. And according to Thompson, they’ve got hers as well.

“Without them I would have been bewildered by the process,” Thompson said in an earlier interview.

Thompson, who is also teaching Sociology at Las Positas, has been the president for the college’s Academic Senate for four years. And by the end of the school year in June 2013, she will be stepping down.

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