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For years, students at Las Positas College have struggled to pay their tuition or check their class schedule. It was almost impossible to navigate with a program that looked like it was from the 1990s. This was the modern hazing set by the college until a couple of computer science students took it upon themselves to fix it.


Neal O’Conbhua and his team have created the now-dubbed “Class-Web Fix.” Due to the school’s lack of a helpful fix, Hassieb Hassieb, a member of the Student Ambassador Program, notified the team of a potential project. Kayla Pascua, another member of the group, said, “MyPortal only redirected to the same old website, so there was really no point in even adding that in the first place.” Therefore, it was not a proper solution. 


The “Class-Web Fix” currently features a new navigation bar, Google Calendar and Ratemyprofessor support, a map, a GPA calculator and most importantly, dark mode. O’Conbhua said, “[new students] can just, boom, log on [and] find what they need. Classes, it’s right there or that’s what I need, my schedule or that’s what I need to pay my fees.” 


The team is incredibly proud of the map feature, which allows students unfamiliar with the campus to find the building where their class is quickly. O’Conbhua said, “They’ll immediately see a pop-up of a map of Las Positas and bang, that’s where you have to go.” The map is also updated to include the new buildings built this semester. 


The extension was created with the idea to be open source. Hassieb said, “Any student who wants to add a feature and you have the skills can put in a feature.” The team stresses the importance of the extension to serve the Las Positas Community, going as far as to support professors as well. With open source, professors can change the layout to support their needs. Hassieb is adamant about feedback on the extension and understanding how it can help students and professors. 


The team is working hard to update the program to fit the needs of Las Positas. In the future, they plan to add support for non-chromium browsers such as Firefox and Safari, swap the map feature for Google Map directions, and fix other websites such as Canvas to become an all-in-one program for Las Positas College.


Search “Class-Web Fix” in the Chrome Web Store to download the program. “It’s that simple,” Hassieb said.

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