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By Paris Ellis @PARISELLIS92

On Thursday Oct. 6th, two Master African Dance Workshops were provided for LPC students by master dance instructor Mandjou Koné and founder of Cheza Nami Catherine Ndungu-Case.

The African Dance Workshops covered three African dances that afternoon. The moon dance, Yankadi, known as the “seduction dance,” followed by Makru and Madan.img_9966

LPC’s new dance instructor Susan Lloyd wanted to teach her jazz A and B students the origins of jazz dance as well as the appreciation of the African Culture.

Students arrived at the workshop ready to learn and gave their undivided attention to Mandjou Koné.

When asked about the purpose of the African Dance Workshop Catherine Ndungu-Case said, “It is to give students in the jazz course and opportunity to explore the foundation for African dance. The purpose was to bring dance style that students haven’t been exposed to.”

The workshop allowed students to hear live music from drummers Salif Koné and Ben Issacs.

“Having live music present was integral to letting people have a mental challenge fore listening to live authentic raw music translating it to their bodies. Allowing students to interpret a traditional form music and dance,” Catherine Ndungu-Case said.img_9764

She encouraged students to explore the world through music and dance. Ndungu-Case told The Express that her non-profit organization, Cheza Nami (which means “Come play with me,”) provides an experiential approach role to sharing diversity through dance.

Cheza Nami’s overall goal is to promote diversity allowing society to coexist and live in harmony. Promoting the human philosophy of kindness, to be loved and belong to a community through the music of Africa.

Susan Lloyd’s class, as well as Lloyd herself enjoyed live music and teaching style provided by the Cheza Nami organization. She plans on having another African dance workshop in the future.

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