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Martin Gallegos

The most technologically advanced stadium in football.

This is what the San Francisco 49ers claim to own in their brand new home of Levi’s Stadium and I have to agree. I have had the opportunity to partake in multiple tours of the new stadium down in Santa Clara. While it does boast the latest and greatest technology, that is not the only thing that makes Levi’s Stadium such a marvel.

The first thing you notice when you arrive on the stadium grounds is the sheer size of it. This place is huge. Here is one fact some may not know about the stadium: It was built to house two teams. When the stadium was still in its planning stages, the NFL suggested that the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders, two teams who were in dire need of a new home, partner up and share a stadium. While the Raiders ultimately decided against moving to Santa Clara, the stadium was still built with space for two home locker rooms. The second home locker room is now used for storage space.

The stadium also has some features that cannot be found in any other stadium in NFL. One of the coolest being the green roof at the top of the stadium. Yes, there is a green roof inside a football stadium and it is at the highest point of Levi’s. If you ever get to go up there, just look to your left. Straight across and through the fog, you still get a view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Even though the 49ers now play in Santa Clara, you can still see San Francisco from the stadium.

As far as in-game experiences go, the 49ers are trying help you stay in your seat to watch the action for as long as possible with their Levi’s Stadium App. The app has its normal features like seating maps and general info, but where it really gets cool is when it comes to food. The app lets you order food straight from your phone and even has an option to have it delivered to your seat (for an extra charge, of course). Yes, they can deliver beer to your seat.

In order to use the app as quick as possible you must have Wi-Fi, and Levi’s Stadium has got plenty of it. On one tour of the stadium, the guide referred to the Wi-Fi network as “the most extensive network in the history of sports stadiums.”

I have been to every professional baseball and football stadium in California and after taking in a game at Levi’s, I have come to a conclusion. Levi’s Stadium is the best stadium in sports. While I will miss that old dump that was Candlestick Park in a strange, nostalgic kind of way, it was time for a change, and Levi’s Stadium scores a touchdown.

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