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By Christopher Hartwell

Good news has come to Las Positas College students: free bus rides and discounted ACE train tickets are now available to all LPC students.

The new program, the Las Positas Easy Pass, gives all LPC students free rides on the WHEELS bus system. When asked about how LPC students can use the Easy Pass, Lisette, a WHEELS customer representative, said, “All they need to show is their Las Positas College Student ID,” and confirmed there is no cost for students to ride the WHEELS bus.

This means that if you simply flash your ID, you get a free ride on any WHEELS or related ride service in the Tri-Valley, anywhere, any time.

Additionally, you can use your ID and get 50% off your ride pass. When asked about this, ACE Chair Bob Johnson, told the Independent that students could be saving “over $72 on a monthly pass from Tracy to LPC”.

There are a few caveats, though. According to the ACE rail official site in regards to ACE ride passes, “Trip validation is good for the train ride between stations and for transfers to and from ACE Stations provided by WHEELS and CCCTA”.

This means that tickets cannot be exchanged or transferred to BART, making it only useable within the ACE train system.

In regards to the ACE train tickets, WHEELS customer representative Lisette stated that students will “receive an extra 50% discount,” and stated that “They’re going to be selling them at Las Positas College”, beginning around October 1st.

If students are uncertain about using the ACE train, they can get a 2 day free pass just to try it out

According to the ACE rail site, 2 day passes are available after the approval of your Test Drive application. Thereafter, “ACE representatives will send your Test Drive ticket valid for two consecutive days of travel on any ACE train.”

One of two free transportation services, WHEELS busses have free Wi-Fi, electric outlets to charge phones, and upgraded seating. The Easy Pass is available to all LPC students who wish to utilize the bus system and is accessible now.

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