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By Mitchell Mylius


He walks among us. He talks with us. He even wants to help solve crimes.

But he’s not just a regular human being. He’s Lucifer Morningstar. Yeah, the devil. The guy has black hair, a British accent, and a look that makes everybody tell him the truth.

Fox has been known for its fairytale-justice comic book-like TV series, and here comes another challenge to the norms and values of television tropes with Tom Ellis elegantly acting as a British version of the Underlord. “Lucifer” attempts to take the ultimate symbol of anti-heroes and display his evil experience as he interacts with mortals.

The show takes place in Los Angeles, where Morningstar has chosen to take a break from his throne down under and run a high-end club downtown. In the show’s premiere, he meets with a female pop star seeking relationship advice. He walked her home and was hugging her goodbye when a drug dealer’s spray of bullets came flying at the two. She falls dead, but without leaving a scratch on the Angel of Hell. This event intrigues Morningstar, and he begins to use his powers to investigate the death of his friend.


Network TV insists on actors with a résumé of sexiness and hard-to-getness. The next scene introduces the next main character, Detective Chloe Decker, played by Lauren German. Decker’s character was previously an actress in a fictional movie called “Hot Tub High School” where she flashes her breasts. To counter that, she is now single, but a hard crime detective.

Three dead at the crime scene, and Morningstar only had to wipe some broken glass off his shoulder. This had Decker questioning Morningstar of his role in the crime. However, he insists that the pop star was his friend and he would like to figure out the reason for the killing as well.

The plot thickens as Decker tries to arrest Morningstar, who uses his supernatural power to escape her attempt to handcuff him. The two then partner up, and Morningstar begins to feel mortal goodness, and begins to ignore his role in Hell. He explains how Decker intrigues him and is not affected by his powers.


These actions summon the Heavenly Host Amenadiel, played by D.B. Woodside, who tries to convince Morningstar to return to the underworld. This is the fuel to his fire as he continues to disobey the commands and continue his adventure on the earth.

Excerpt from “Lucifer” Episode 1

His next tip leads him to the deceased pop star’s therapist, Linda Martin, played by a sexy 48-year old Rachael Harris. She agrees to meet with Decker and Morningstar, only to be distracted by Morningstar’s looks and charms, leading her to spill some important information. To be more specific, Morningstar promises sex to Martin in exchange for the info…and that ends up successful.

“Lucifer” is now on its third episode and has cooled down from its initial episode of lust and sin.

This is the point where these sitcoms lose following or essentially gain a late following. So it goes with these dark-comedy/dramas. They start out with viewers on the edge of their seat, and leave them waiting for the next episode to load on Netflix, as if the Red Box logo knew they were hooked.

Like “Breaking Bad,” “Lucifer” features action for 45 minutes, then a huge twist at the 50-minute mark. This kind of stuff has committed viewers ripping their hair out.

Maybe we will see Morningstar lose his powers for his betrayal and have to adjust to a being of no convincible powers. Or maybe he will go back to Hell and the show will end after just one season.

But, hey, the show must go on… And on… And on… Until there is no more.

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