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After drafting AJ Jenkins in the first round during the 2012 NFL Draft, the 49ers suffered nearly catastrophic blows to their receiving corps, losing Mario Manningham and Kyle Williams to torn ACL’s right around the halfway point of last season. Jenkins still only recorded one target and no receptions and Randy Moss only caught 55 percent of his targets. The 49ers drafted only one receiver during the 2013 draft and also passed on the top TE prospect, Zach Ertz, who tested near the level of Vernon Davis on Sport Science.

Josh Cribbs, who was nearly signed by the Arizona Cardinals until a failed physical, is back on the free agent market and is widely considered to be the best receiver available. He hasn’t put up big numbers once in his career, but that career has been spent with the quarterback-less abyss known as the Cleveland Browns. Because of his lack of statistics, Cribbs will not be offered a contract exceeding $2M per year.

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