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Shelby Escott


The art lining the walls of the 2400 building displays the skills of the students in the visual commu- nications (v-com) program. But as beautiful and evoking as it is, how long is it going to be there?

V-com teacher Eric Berendt said, “Ever since I’ve been here, there’s been a spring art show.”

The pieces were originally put up for the visual communications’ spring art show last year, but since then, they have been left to hang, neglected. Ever since the head of the department retired, no one has taken over the position, or the responsibilities it entails.

When asked who’s in charge of the 2400 building’s art, Berendt replied, “Nobody.”

In the past, it was the job of the department head to coordinate the spring art show, but last year the job fell by default to Berendt.

He said, “Last year, I put it up almost single handedly”.

Berendt said this as much for himself as for his students, “You’ve got to understand something about artists and even designers. Most of us just want to be left to do our work, but we’re vain, and we love seeing our stuff up.”

Although the art was put up, it still needs taking down to make room for this year’s show. But Berendt, like so many other teachers, just doesn’t have enough time. With multiple classes to teach and even second jobs, there isn’t a moment to spare for the teachers of this leaderless department.

But, for the sake of the students, the v-com teachers are willing to make time for the abandoned art projects, in order to make room for this year’s show.

An art show is still expected for this spring, as long as there is someone willing to set it up.

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