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We here at The Express would like to thank you for another semester’s worth of support and well wishes.  Let the news begin!

From left to right:  Angelica Estacio, Martin Gallegos, Jason Leskiw, Travis Danner, Bekka Wiedenmeyer, Ben Castro, Charlie-Anne Urcia

Alex Lopez/Express

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  • by Chris Cooper
    Posted February 25, 2013 6:44 PM 0Likes

    Hello I have been writing for Synch Choas it’s an online International Magazine that covers news inside and outside of the United States and I wanted to see if the Express Could use my Services as a Reporter or for me to have a column to write?

  • by George Reid
    Posted November 6, 2015 7:52 PM 0Likes

    I was hoping to speak with someone at The Express regarding parking tickets that are being given out without warrant. Or submit a letter to the Editor. This is regarding a $35 ticket for “failure to head-in park” that I received last night. First there is no helpful signage that this is an infraction– the Security guard (or is it “Campus Police”?) said there is a sign at the entrance to each parking lot but I explained it is difficult to read that sign going 20 mph into the parking lot. And the spot where we obtain the parking receipt to put on the dashboard only provides info regarding the cost of $2 and place the receipt on the dash.
    Secondly, my insurance provider says it is safer to pull-through a parking spot rather than have to back out when you are leaving. AAA also says that on their webpage regarding Safe Parking. All the sites I saw on-line show that it is safer to pull-through to the parking spot when the parking is laid out with 2 available spaces (rather than front bumper to front bumper).

    George Reid

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