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Saga’s return stirs up 30-year-old emotions

By Kalama Hines @HINESight_2020 What started in 1977 with “A New Hope” will be expanding on Dec. 18 with an awakening. Star Wars mania has recaptured the imagination of billions. It hasn’t garnered mass adoration spanning [...]

An open letter to Google

By: Glenn Wohltmann Student Assistant This is an open letter to Sergey Brin, the head of Google, the division of Google aimed (seriously) at making science fiction, what are described as “moonshot projects,” a reality. Google [...]

Barbara Mertes dies, age 85

Kalama Hines @HINESight_2020 Kalama Hines @HINESight_2020 Barbara Mertes, the first dean of what is now Las Positas College, died Friday at the age of 85. Mertes was an integral part of the LPC community since it [...]

Viral Video Results in Job Loss for Youtube Comedian

By Mitchell Mylius Youtube comedian Nicole Arbour recently released a video called “Dear Fat People”, that got a lot of views, but not a long-lasting support. The video was a viral rant similar to the other Youtuber, [...]

Disneyland’s age limit: Infinity

Brianna Guillory @BloatedNani Once upon a time there was a man with a vision. And that vision was to create a place that could be enjoyed by parents and children alike. A place where he could [...]

Former students share how LPC shaped their future

Kalama Hines @KHines_Express Students were given the opportunity to query LPC graduates on how their time at Las Positas has helped them in their experience at a university. On Wednesday, March 25, the Biology Club hosted [...]

Transfer agreement reached with historically black colleges

Shayla Gasca @ShaylaMaritza Transfer agreement promises California Community College (CCC) students to transfer to nine of the historical black colleges and universities. On March 17, the CCC Board of Governors and the institutions’ leaders approved the [...]

NCAA players the only Cinderellas in this year’s tourney

I found myself plastered to the couch, entranced. Even without a vested interest, I am glued to the television. Cheering. Laughing. Screaming. The intensity increases as the clock minutes evaporate, all pointing to a riveting end [...]

Ke Zhang – lifelong learner, model student and eternal athlete

William Tanner Editor-in-Chief It wasn’t something to be left behind. Carefully he split it in half and folded it to be able to take it on the plane. Rust appeared through the paint, showing the wear [...]

Voters bring back representatives, welcome BART to Livermore

Shelby Escott Features Editor The polls are closed and the votes are in — mostly. There were some nail biters as well as some landslides. But the voters have spoken. These are the results the people [...]