Online Exclusives — 13 April 2018

Compiled by Blake Sperling

A film that once brought such broad and dark humor to the big screen in the late 1980s, filled with cliquey teenagers, hipster personalities, and a bullied kid killing off students he doesn’t like, has made its way to Las Positas.

Cast members share the journey to transforming into these characters and how it measures up to the movie.

Dulce Maria Tovar, Theater major acting as Ms.Flemming, a hippie teacher striving to save students from killing themselves.

Patrick Maravilla, Theater major, playing Dwight, a hipster dorky high school student.

How does this play compare to 1980s film “Heathers”?

Dulce: “It’s the same characters but I feel like there’s a different message, especially with the songs. Towards the end of the production the songs become more uplifting. I prefer the musical to the movie.”

Patrick: “I think it does a lot more justice than the film does because it goes more in depth.”

How do you become the character you play? What things do you do to transform into your character?

Dulce: “I like to create a playlist of songs on Spotify of the music my character would listen to. I also do a lot of comparisons between the character and myself, how we are similar, how we are different, and how can I incorporate these things onto the stage.”

Patrick: “I embody my high school self because he is very sarcastic. I was also called hipster a lot. I try to just relive that a little bit.

For research, did you and your cast members watch the film “Heathers”? What did you think of the movie?

Dulce: “For me personally I try not to watch any of the musicals that are movies because then I can’t use any of my own ideas on the stage. I feel like subconsciously I would try to imitate what I saw in the movie. I do love the movie, but I feel like the musical is funnier, and it’s a cooler experience because its’ live and every performance is different.”

Patrick: “Heathers’ is one of my favorite movies. It’s one of those movies that is so bad that it’s good. It’s so cheesy but in the best possible ways.”


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