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By Tim Guan


Tomi Lahren: Stable genius…otherwise a voice for freedom

She might just be another “dumb blonde” TV host or another Donald Trump supporting

white conservative Republican. And perhaps a much hated figure opposite of the political spectrum: the perfect target for all the liberal fake news media outlets to poke fun at. But make no mistake, Tomi Lahren is just as capable of a woman to stand up for her rights even if it is the unpopular opinion.

In just a two-year period, starting from 2016, the amount of followers and supporters she has garnered for both herself and the Republican party is quite remarkable. Pushing the limits and popularity of the Republican party with her support for Donald Trump and to his presidency for all conservative women alike, her stances on identity politics, gun control, immigration and the future of American politics has put all of us into question on what the current state of affairs this nation is in.

One of the reasons to adore Tomi Lahren is that she is not afraid to speak out her mind on pressing issues. For her critics that call out Tomi Lahren as “crazy and stupid and maybe a tad bit mentally unstable” or just another “generic dumb blonde Republicans,” these are understatements for most liberals losers underestimate her intelligence. For the most part, it takes a certain charm and charisma to achieve media super stardom in such as short time period.

To give you an analogy, my personal lord and savior, Donald Trump, once said, “It takes a stable genius to go from successful billionaire TV superstar to president of the United States(on the first try).” Just like President Trump and his own personal milestones and successes, Lahren’s entrance into the media scene can be observed as pulling off the improbable — especially on her first try — proving that she has the resolve and determination it takes to be as a “small fish in a big pond.”

With her career kick starting off from being a small time broadcast journalist student at the University of Nevada Las Vegas to becoming one of the most influential figures within the media, it is no question that this feat requires advanced intelligence and mental stability to achieve. For most journalists pursuing their careers, their dreams of being ahead of curve and the center of the conversation are crushed when they see a conservative woman achieve this near impossible feat in just two years: the epitome of success.

Although she may be a minority voice against the fake news media which has a very clear political bias in favor of a “certain party,” the sinister narrative of collective lies and deceit that many news outlets exhibit has not stopped her from voicing her own opinions despite the horrendous and disgusting comments directed at her. Even if she doesn’t like to label herself as a “feminist,” her refusal to submit to the media conformity is a prime example of courage for all women everywhere no matter what political affiliation they are. At the end of the day, she is a fearless example of empowerment for women everywhere.


An unqualified embarrassment for humanity

By Grace Ramsey


I hate what Tomi Lahren represents. A young white woman who uses her platform to spread hate and racism through the media. Lahren has 4.5 million people who like her page on Facebook, 1 million followers on Twitter and 1.2 million on Instagram. It’s sad how many people in America follow, listen and actually like this unapologetically hateful woman.

Most of all, I hate the fact that this hate impedes and gets more attention than real people who are trying to make a change. She, among others, doesn’t see anything wrong with the way she goes about sharing her information and thoughts into the world. You can’t have a productive conversation with someone like Lahren.

I would love to have open dialogue, just like others about the abrasive and hateful things being said and done on Lahren’s side of the creek. Before this type of conversation can even start, though, people like Lahren need to be quiet or open. Her rhetoric is hindering our growth.

At the BET awards in June 2016, Lahren commented on Jesse Williams powerful speech calling out systematic racism in our society. She says in her “Final Thoughts“ segment that the BET awards were “notably black.” She also says she saw a lot of black talent, but also a lot of victimhood.

Her comment on the BET being “notably black” feels unnecessary and just makes her look ignorant. The victimhood she says she sees isn’t actually victimhood. It was women and men overcoming adversity and the unequal odds that people of color face daily.

Unfortunately, Lahren can’t see the adversity they had to overcome because she is so blinded by hate and her own biases.

In this same rant she says, “The term ‘unarmed black man’ may be literally accurate, but it doesn’t tell the whole story in most cases. In a number of cases, if the victim ended up being unarmed, it was certainly not for a lack of trying.”

Lahren is, in fact, saying that in the cases of unarmed black men being shot, they were unarmed but they wanted or tried to be armed. I don’t understand how Lahren could perpetuate this “black men are thugs” stereotype & disguise it yet again as harmless opinions. Her obvious messed up and underlying racism is disguised as fact.

“Do you know how many of our ancestors in the civil war to free your ancestors?” This doesn’t have anything to do with what Jesse Williams was even discussing in his BET speech.

Not to mention the Civil War’s true motive wasn’t to free slaves. It was over states rights and limiting federal power in the states. It was also our ancestors who brought African Americans over as slaves. Had she forgotten that aspect?


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