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Could we see another battle of the bay?

Last season the Express sports staff correctly predicted the outcome of the 2012 season. Well, almost.

Current Editor-in-Cheif Travis Danner correctly predicted the American League Champions in Detroit. Current Sports Editor Martin Gallegos correctly picked the National League and World Series champs in San Francisco. The both of them correctly picked the American League Cy Young winner in Justin Verlander. And nobody correctly guessed that Buster Posey or Miguel Cabrera would win their respective division’s MVP award.

This year, the Express sports staff will make their predictions again, hopefully with increasing accuracy.

World Series Champion        

Jason Leskiw                San Francisco Giants                 
Martin Gallegos             San Francisco Giants
Timothy Piper                   Oakland Athletics       

American League Champions

Jason Leskiw                    Los Angeles Angels
Martin Gallegos                 Los Angeles Angels
Timothy Piper                     Oakland Athletics

National League Champions

Jason Leskiw                    San Francisco Giants
Martin Gallegos                 San Francisco Giants
Timothy Piper                    San Francisco Giants

National League MVP

Jason Leskiw                     Allen Craig, STL
Martin Gallegos             Giancarlo Stanton, MIA
Timothy Piper               Andrew McCutchen, PIT

American League MVP

Jason Leskiw                    Mike Trout, LAA
Martin Gallegos                 Mike Trout, LAA
Timothy Piper                    Mike Trout, LAA


Last season Managing Editor Jason Leskiw did not make any picks, but says he would have picked the Giants to win the World Series. No surprise there as the he was a season ticket-holder for the first 10 seasons that AT&T Park was open. He also says that he would have gone with Detroit, though there could be some obvious skepticism given he did not make that clear, until now. There is however a general consensus among the sports staff that the Tigers will win the AL Central once more. The AL East was the only division that the three had clear differences in opinion. Gallegos picked Baltimore, Piper went with Toronto and Leskiw chose Tampa Bay. Gallegos was the only one to look at Cleveland to win one of the two AL wild card berths and the Dodgers to pick up an NL wild card berth.


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  1. My picks without too much thought
    World Series Champs: Washington Nationals
    NL Champs: Washington Nationals
    AL Champs: Los Angelas Angels
    NL MVP: Bryce Harper
    AL MVP: Albert Puljols

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