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Tim Guan


There’s the old saying, “If you’re young and conservative, you have no heart. If you’re old and liberal, you have no brain.” I chose the former, not because I have no heart(which I do), but because of my political awakening.

In truth, I used to be a die-hard liberal back in the days when people used common-sense and didn’t shout louder to a make a point. But nowadays, people are offended over the most trivial and unimportant things that shouldn’t even up to question whether it’s science or statistics

Conservatism in truth isn’t a bad thing, in-fact it’s the counter-culture right now. The way it’s demonized right now is just outrageous simply because people who voted for Hillary last year are still upset that Trump won fair and square.

Growing up California and surrounded by overly liberal friends made me afraid to speak out my personal views and feelings toward events and trends. Toward the end of high school, I stopped believing in the status-quo and adopted common-sense as my belief system.

Either you fall in with the majority and fit in or you stick with your stance and dignity, but you’re cast out as an outsider and be the topic of discussion for gossip and toxic jokes. I chose the latter. At the end of the day I chose the latter and told them to F**k off. That didn’t end so well for me.

Unfortunately we live in such a overly politically-correct society where people are opted to be offended at the slightest detail that those unfortunate enough will be called “racist,” or “homophobic” for simply disagreeing. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that everyone should have the right to be what they want to be and I will defend them to my last breath, but to impose your beliefs on other people by force is outright shameful. To deny your right to choose is something people cannot accept these days. Otherwise you are chastised and the center of gossip.

There is a difference in being a person that thinks impulsively to being otherwise stupid in their actions. Some people do it for attention and some people do it just because they think they’re doing the right thing. At the end of the day your actions are what define you and you maybe criticized or praised, but never give-in to what others think. Do what you must.

In America we have the freedom of speech, the right to disagree. Anything else is a dereliction if you do not believe in that principle ingrained in our Constitution. Change is good, but drastic change to our society is disastrous. Liberalism isn’t necessarily bad nor it is good. The Same thing can be applied to any political system. But for me, Conservatism is the system that makes sense right now. Should you disagree with that’s fine, I’m always up for discussion to change my views because I keep an open mind.


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