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Julia Coty


The Weeknd brought his “Starboy:Legend of the Fall 2017 World Tour” to Oakland on Oct. 9 and he did not disappoint his fans.

While everyone was waiting for the Weeknd to take the stage, his openers took the stage first, including performers Nav and Gucci Mane.

Nav was the first of the major openers to take the stage first. For those who don’t recognize the name; Nav is a Canadian rapper.

I was excited to see him per- form but after his first song, I was ready for him to walk off. Fans and audiences expect perform- ers to be engaging and thrilled to perform but Nav would just pace the stage and rap his lyrics in his robotic monotone voice. I enjoyed the beats but I can only hear so much of his voice before

I go insane. He didn’t go near his fans so that must have been a bummer for real Nav fans who wanted to see him.

The opener I was really excited for was Gucci Mane. Gucci Mane came onto the stage with high energy and got the crowd moving from the boring trance everyone was in from Nav’s performance. He performed fan favorites such as “I Don’t Love Her” and a cover of “Black Beatles.”

Gucci Mane was great to watch and sing along with, he was definitely the better opener and the crowd loved him.

Finally it was time for The Weeknd. At first glance, the lay out of the stage was pretty awe- some.

Part of the stage was floating about the Weeknd as he per- formed, which resembles the floating stage that Kanye West performed on during his 2016 Saint Pablo Tour.

As the lights went down, the strip of the stage that was placed in between the crowds became covered in fog. Once the first chord of “Starboy” blasted, bright white lights flashed and the floating stage started moving like a spaceship. It would con- tinue to constantly move during the concert.

That’s when The Weeknd emerged from the floor.

People started screaming the lyrics to “Starboy” as The Weeknd started his concert with extreme energy and thorough joy.

He would go on to perform other popular songs from various albums. Some of the songs that were the most impressive was “Or Nah”, “Often”, “Angel” and “Secrets/ Can’t Feel My Face.” Many would argue that every song he performed was stellar, and I wouldn’t object much.

He would add soulful runs to his songs, creating a frenzy from the ladies. His songs are known for its emotional lyrics and the passion in his voice amplified the message he was singing. Even songs such as “I Feel It Coming” sounded passionate and soulful.

As the concert came to its end, The Weeknd said his goodbye and thoughts of appreciation for his fans then left the stage. Lines

of people began to walk out of the arena until “This Hills” abruptly began. Once again, The Weeknd rose from the floor of the stage to surprise everyone with this encore.

Looking back at that night, The Weeknd proved to be a good performer and singer with a great set list and incredible talent.


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