Opinion — 15 September 2017

Tim Guan


Global Warming is the biggest liberal hoax ever devised. Al Gore and his Global Warming alarmist agenda have received massive support from the public view, both scientifically and politically. Unfortunately, a public that is easily deceived by the documentaries of a madman veiled under a false narrative of fear and despair.

So what makes “Global Warming” an absolute hoax? To clear things up there is a striking difference between Climate Change and “Global Warming.”

Global Warming describes the long-term trend of rising average global temperature. Climate Change refers to the changes in global climate, which results from the increasing average global temperature.

To understand Earth’s climate, we have to look back at the planet’s past throughout its billions of years of existence. Even before humans had stepped foot on Earth over 10,000 years ago, the last warming cycle was around 125,000 years ago based on “Paleoclimatic data from ice cores, tree rings and sediment,” according to NASA climatologist Gavin Schmidt.

Analysis upon recent data from NASA, shows that while carbon dioxide levels may be rising, Earth is actually entering a cooling period. Although, “Global Warming” alarmists may point out that a 1-2 degree increase is detrimental to our ecosystems and agriculture.

What studies show is that temperature increases are so insignificant that in order for the Earth to undergo extensive Global Warming in such a short time span, humanity would have to output 10 times its current industrial production which we have only achieved in the past century.

Radical climate alarmists are among the most corrupt people on this planet. Where has billions of dollars of Global Warming research gone to? In their pockets too preach a lie as a profitable agenda.

1.5 trillion dollars or 2% of the world’s GDP has been spent into fraudulent research in trying to thwart a miniscule change in temperature based on dubious climate modeling and experiments and is adopted into “mainstream” science while independent studies in opposition to the consensus is silenced.

It’s a tragedy that Hurricanes such as Harvey and Irma have devastated infrastructure and taken many lives. However, to blame Global Warming in attributing to such a tragedy while millions are suffering from poverty and homelessness is disingenuous as we spend billions on fraudulent Global Warming research led by a consensus of uncertainty and scientific ambiguity.







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