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The ‘stache is man’s true best friend

Travis Danner Special to the Express The ol’ pushbroom. Lip luggage. The crumb catcher. All those are phrases for something that will give you a pronounced advantage in life — a mustache. That may sound flippant [...]

Proposed new classroom building would replace original LPC

Travis Danner Editor in Chief The original Las Positas College may soon be replaced by the new LPC. What opened as the “Valley Campus” of the Livermore Education Center of Chabot College in 1975, will soon [...]

I came to the Express as just a normal guy, and left a writer

I’ve known that I’m a capable writer for a good portion of my life. As a very young child, I used to stay up at night, under a blanket with a flashlight, and write myself stories [...]

Look up, there’s a whole world in front of you

The same robots that are used to kill and spy on people will, in the next few years, be able to deliver that DVD copy of the entire series run of “Gilmore Girls” you’ve been itching [...]

The true meaning of Thanksgiving is right in its name

My family used to have huge Thanksgiving celebrations. They would partner with several other families to rent out a dining hall at Camp Parks in Dublin. I was young when we did these celebrations but I [...]

Sports and bullying one and the same— but where is the line drawn?

When I was in the 7th grade, I was bullied for a two-month period by a giant, zit-faced 8th grader who had a locker near mine. Every day after P.E. class, I’d change my clothes next [...]

Brand new Pope, same old church

Travis Danner Editor in chief Meet the new Pope, sort of the same as the old Pope. He’s an old man who hates gay marriage, abortion and contraception. He’ll fit right in. There is one difference [...]