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New Star Wars Actor Catches Racist Reaction on New Role

              By Kalama Hines @HINESight_2020 A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Only white people were allowed. At least that is what a massive group of alleged [...]

Editorial: Editor-in-chief finishes at LPC on a high note

The 2014 valedictorian of Las Positas College is one of our own. Yes, we’re bragging. We confess to the shameless self-promotion. But once you learn about Bekka Wiedenmeyer, it will be clear why we strayed from [...]

Student health resource alleviates stress

Will Tanner Managing Editor Stress is nothing new to college students. Juggling classes, study time and work can quickly lead to added stress in life. Add in being financially responsible and there is a recipe for [...]

Green houses aid the sciences at LPC

Ashley Freitas STAFF WRITER It’s the clear building that looks like a house near the new 1850 building. Both Karen Phil, a former professor at Las Positas College, and Nan Ho, a Biology professor at LPC, [...]

LPC’s faculty showcase their talents

Brianna Guillory A&E and Web Editor The audience settled down as the lights dimmed. They cheered as Performing Arts Coordinator Cindy Browne Rosefield emerged from stage right and greeted everyone with a smile. It was Feb. [...]

Beer one of the most diverse and awesome drinks in the world

Kalama Hines Features Editor Lager. Ale. Stout. Porter. With all the colors, flavors and depths there’s a beer for everyone. According to the History Channel Magazine, the first proof of beer is dated back to 3400 [...]

Two fires strike LPC in short time period

Brandon Clutter Staff Writer Two fires in a week at Las Positas College caused evacuations while students were prepping for finals. On Wednesday, Dec. 4, a fire broke out in the back of the main theater [...]

Three years after completion, amphitheater still seldom used

Brianna Guillory Staff Writer It’s large. It’s grassy. It’s the elephant in the room. The Mertes Center for the Arts outdoor amphitheater was constructed as a companion piece to the building’s indoor Main Stage Theater. A [...]

Proposed new classroom building would replace original LPC

Travis Danner Editor in Chief The original Las Positas College may soon be replaced by the new LPC. What opened as the “Valley Campus” of the Livermore Education Center of Chabot College in 1975, will soon [...]

I came to the Express as just a normal guy, and left a writer

I’ve known that I’m a capable writer for a good portion of my life. As a very young child, I used to stay up at night, under a blanket with a flashlight, and write myself stories [...]