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Midterm election runs blood red

You just elected a bunch of terrible human beings to the United States Congress, America. Congratulations. You did it. You made sure last night’s midterm election sucked. Despite all kinds of real measurable progress we’ve made [...]

NBA player’s outing reveals new acceptance, old prejudice

Travis Danner Editor-in-chief For a culture so obsessed with all things sexual, one man’s preference sure is a big deal. Most of you know the story by now. Seven foot tall NBA center Jason Collins is [...]

Report: Gay NFL player “strongly considering” coming out

When it comes to the NFL’s willingness to accept an openly gay player, some think that the absence from the NFL of an openly gay player proves the league isn’t ready. Under that standard, the NFL [...]

Gay British teen dies after being set on fire at birthday party

A young British man has been convicted of manslaughter after killing a gay teen by setting him on fire. The BBC reports that 20-year-old Jordan Sheard has been sentenced to three and a half years in [...]