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Celebrities are just as qualified to run for president

Celebrity presidents: are they a good idea? By Alex Lontoc @ALEXXLONTOC There’s nothing wrong with a celebrity running for president. People seem to negate the idea of celebrities entering politics, when our current president himself is [...]

Hawks big man swats away bad habits

By Justine Chavez @VIVALAAJUSTINE 6’10, 220 pounds and ready to attack at any second. Anand Hundal is a power forward that leads the LPC men’s basketball team in rebounding, but he also leads the state in [...]

Rebuilding women’s basketball team still thinking big

Will Tanner A&E Editor “We have three seasons: the pre-season, the regular season, and the postseason. And we plan to get to (the postseason).” Women’s basketball head coach Clarence Morgan is already having fun. His team [...]

Las Positas men’s basketball team adjusting to life with new coach

Will Tanner A&E Editor All smiles and jokes in the tape review room, you would have never known that two months ago there was dissension in the Las Positas College men’s basketball ranks. Their season started [...]

LPC falling short on Title IX requirements

Jason Leskiw Sports editor 2012 came with the 40th anniversary of an educational equality amendment that was cheered into signing during the Nixon administration.  Hope Solo, Serena and Venus Williams, Candace Parker and Marion Jones all [...]

Cancer forces coach to miss season

Jason Leskiw Sports Editor   2012.10.26 Archive Looking towards an eighth season working as the coach of the Las Positas College basketball team, Tony Costello stands on the hardwood of the Nest observing several new recruits.   [...]