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Editorial: Editor-in-chief finishes at LPC on a high note

The 2014 valedictorian of Las Positas College is one of our own. Yes, we’re bragging. We confess to the shameless self-promotion. But once you learn about Bekka Wiedenmeyer, it will be clear why we strayed from [...]

Express EIC says goodbye to Las Positas

Bekka Wiedenmeyer Editor-in-chief I have been at Las Positas College for four long years, and if there is anything I have learned, it’s that you have to have thick skin or you are going to crash [...]

Barry Russell takes the reins as the latest LPC president

At 8 a.m., he entered the presiential suite with a dozen boxes, prepared to get set up as soon as possible to personalize the office and make it his own. He wanted to make sure he also had time that day to walk [...]

Feature — Talk Hawks’ superior preparation paves path to success

Bekka Wiedenmeyer Managing Editor The secret to the rampant success of the Talk Hawks isn’t genetics. It isn’t a special gift for speaking or some other intangible element. Instead, it’s a simple recipe. Not easy, but [...]