Opinion — 09 February 2018

By Blake Sperling


Simi Pajetta

Major: Nursing

“Most of the Valentine’s Day experiences I’ve had have usually been with someone special. I’ve always gone out of my way to make it a special day as best as I could. But this year, based off passed experiences, I am proclaiming self-love. For the first time, I am spending it by myself. I think the media popularizes the idea that you need somebody on this day. Chocolate, flowers, roses, that’s all great, but I feel like it’s sometimes a fantasy. Everything starts with yourself first. if you don’t love yourself, then nobody can.”



Ashkan Behnam

Major: Psychology

“I have only had one valentine in my life and that was my sophomore year of high school. And man, oh, man…she was a baddie. This girl had me messed up. She broke my heart. I thought she was cute so I worked up the nerve to ask her to be my valentine. We would see each other at school often, and I’d talked to her every now and then. Finally, I said whatever. I took my shot and slammed dunked it. This happened two weeks before Valentine’s Day and throughout those two weeks we got much closer as we started talking more and more. I started to really like her and was super excited for Valentine’s Day. I decided I was going to go all out. I went to the store and got her some chocolates and a bear. Then on Valentine’s Day I went to school and gave her the gifts, kind of expecting something in return since it was Valentine’s Day. I handed her the gifts, and she said ‘oh thank you’ then gave me a hug and walked away. Later on that day during passing period her friend that hooked us up came up to me and basically broke up with me for her. And that was that.”


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