Fresh Takes Opinion — 01 December 2017

Taylor Lobb


What do you enjoy doing for fun? Hiking, swimming, camping, and sports are just a few of the many past time activities that come to mind.

However, there are some that have a very different interpretation of fun when regarding a favorite pastime.

Some enjoy the process of killing animals in their natural habitat, as what they call a “sport”.

Given that hunting has existed in our culture since the creation of our country, many deem this an acceptable form of entertainment.

What many fail to recognize is that this “American tradition” was created as a means of survival for those who founded our land. The only source of food at the time, were the animals that roamed the land.

Hunting was not created to be a tradition, and it is deeply saddening that we have socially accepted the process as a sport.

The people who founded our land did not have the luxury of cracking a few beers and going out to follow animals and kill them for pure enjoyment. These people hunted animals in order to feed their families and stay warm through the winter.

We now live in a safe and prosperous world, with many other options for food source.

Obviously it would be drastic to demand every person in America become vegan, however, de-glorifying such a horrific concept is desperately necessary.

As we have evolved as human beings, we have become so very aggressive and dangerous.

We are capable of many things, and to inflict death upon a creation that doesn’t have the same capabilitities that we do is just wrong.

While animals are in fact self-conscious, they do not have the vocal ability to protest. While they cannot comprehend deeply, studies have shown that animals have pain receptors and knowledge of self. This means, a mother doe understands and protects her child from threats of danger. This is why we see packs of wolves, and animals like whales carrying around the carcasses of their deceased offspring, crying out as if to mimic the human interaction of mourning.

It is undeniable these animals are helpless to such a destructive species such as ourselves, and it is morally unacceptable to inflict pain on a defenseless creature, especially for pure “fun”.


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