Features Online Exclusives — 02 March 2018

Compiled by Grace Ramsey

The Express staff member conducted a Q & A from ASLPC Media Director Treasure Domingo.

Treasure Domingo, ASLPC Media Director

Q: Where are you originally from and how is your life different now?

A: I moved here 3 years ago from the Philippines, one thing I noticed is the air is very different here, and language is different too. I have horrible grammar. I can say English words really easily, but the meaning and placement of the words are very different from what I’m used to.

Q: What are your official duties as the media officer?

A: I handle all of the student government media accounts. Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter.They are trying to make a YouTube channel its unofficial, just like the office type YouTube channel.

Q:17 years old at community college, how does that work?

A:I’m in junior in high school, but involved in the Middle College Program. I started when my friends were doing it, mainly because I viewed myself as an adult. My mother was a workaholic so I basically raised myself. Being trans in high school where there is already drama isn’t easy. I motivated myself to come to every middle college meeting and orientation to just get in.

Q: When did you decide to come out as trans gender and how did your family react?

A:December 24, 2016 I remember the day because it was the day before Christmas and like my grandmother started crying while my grandfather started laughing. It was a whole family mess. We’re a catholic family.

Q:What are you studying and what is your major?

A:I don’t quite know what my major will be yet. I really just want to get my high school diploma first. I am thinking of majoring in political science or environmental engineering. I don’t know yet.

Q:What are some of your hobbies?

A: I love to fence. I loved the Las Positas’ fencing, which just recently got deleted from the catalog, which was very sad.”


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