A&E — 20 February 2014

William Tanner

Managing Editor

When the LEGO movie was first announced, I was totally psyched. It seemed like the perfect idea. Then I saw the first preview and I wasn’t sure about it. After the theatrical trailer I got psyched again. Riding that roller coaster of emotions, I finally went to go see my first movie of 2014.

Boy was I not disappointed.

I wasn’t entirely sure all the way throughout the movie if it was stop-motion done incredibly well or if it was all computer modeled. Either way, it doesn’t matter. Every scene flowed so well that you barely have time to look for it unless you really tried hard. The only parts where you can see what they were doing were very clearly done as a gag, and that made it perfect.

Even the sound gags were great. Having the actors make their own sounds added to the hilarity of the adventure you are brought along on.

Look, the cast can make or break a movie, especially when it comes to voice acting. This one does not miss the mark.

You are never too old to be a kid. If you are looking for a great movie to see, build up the courage to let your inner child shine through and go watch this movie.

4.5 of 5


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