On Campus Online Exclusives — 21 February 2018

By Julia Coty


LPC hosted their Club Day on Feb. 14 at 11 a.m with different tables for the many clubs offered.

Music in the air and roses being passed out in light of Valentines Day, students had the opportunity to engage themselves in various activities and possible clubs to join. ASLPC had complimentary lunch including pizza and juice.

Journalism Club had many things to offer including a  photo booth, candy, The Express newspaper, Naked magazine and kittens to pet and cuddle, brought by the Safe Cat Foundation.

Follow Journalism Club’s Instagram,@lpcexpressnews, and Twitter, @lpcexpressnews, for more pictures and live videos from Club Day.

One of the kittens brought by Safe Cat Foundation, Smudge, was adopted the weekend following her visit to LPC. Smudge is a special needs kitten but found no problem being adopted by a family more than happy to give her extra love. This news brought The Express staff much joy as it was their intent to  have these kittens adopted into a nice family.

Here are pictures from students and faculty who participated in Journalism Club’s photo booth-


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