Fresh Takes Opinion — 09 February 2018

Celebrity presidents: are they a good idea?

By Tim Guan


What has society become? A popularity contest where our “know next to nothing” celebrities dictate how our country should be run? This idea can only be summed up as the dumbest thing I can ever think of — in the manner that Kanye or Oprah run for president in 2020 — will truly be the utter humiliation and collapse of American integrity and political ideals.

If you think a rapper or a talk show host should run for president, you’re either seriously mentally deranged or a troll. In America, we need politicians who have been trained to study law and politics — isn’t that what law school is for? To do this job is a public service, not a side job meant for the burden of amateurs. And that is to represent not only the government, but the voice of American people. This is a hard job and not something as simple as rapping nonsensical lyrics into crowds, fangirls or giving out public therapy sessions on live TV.

Celebrities may have the required experience to address an audience, but the political commitment and dedication required takes years to learn and understand. Applying knowledge to the real world is hard and only some people have achieved a level of constituency to understand how the law and government work.

Most Americans in truth have no idea who they’re voting for. It’s either Democrat or Republican. Having a celebrity take this job is like choosing between monkey or donkey — not that these animals are dumb, but having celebrities take this job is a serious insult to our political system as we’re merely trivializing who could win at a popularity contest between who’s morally righteous to think they can run the greatest empire of the world.

Should it come down to this in 2020 between these potential candidates: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kanye West, Oprah Winfrey and maybe Donald Trump — who I admit is doing a good job — all four candidates shall should be taken to a WWE ring in front of a worldwide audience and fight to the death.

And should the celebrity candidate win, the winner and survivor will determine the fate of the United States of America. The ring will momentarily go silent, the crowds will cheer, the Twitter feeds will explode and the winner shall be crowned the President of the United States. This epic battle will go down in history as something to be remembered when America is a smoldering ruin of chaos and anarchy and ceases to exist.


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