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By Eric Charbonnet @ECHARB10

Time needs to find a way to slow down. We’re already a quarter of the way through the NFL regular season and it hasn’t lacked for drama or excitement.

The first month, which went by far too quickly, has shown the meteoric rise of two rookie quarterbacks in the NFC East, dominant man-handlings by 4-0 teams who’s quarterback situations made people wince and the return of two All-Pro runners to the game.

It’s been a fantasy winner’s dream come true, particularly for those fantasy managers who drafted Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and Ezekiel “Zeke” Elliot.

The first month can be a time of revelry and excitement. Adversely, the end of the first month also brings anguish, insecurity and the questioning of one’s entire fantasy existence.

What’s wrong with OBJ? Why hasn’t Alshon found his way into the end zone yet? Why did you bench Big Ben in week four? There’s one answer to all of those questions. Be patient.

The end of the first month is a classic time of overreacting. This also makes it a chief time to start working those trade wheels. More often than not, when it comes to struggling stars, Todd Gurley for example, I preach patience.

You drafted so and so where you did in the draft for a reason. Give them a larger sampling size, teams are still figuring it out this early in the young season.

The only difference between OBJ’s starts to this season and last was that he had two touchdowns last year through this point. They’re coming. As that wise Californian playing quarterback for The Packers once said, “R-E-L-A-X”.

This is the best way to keep you from doing anything drastic. What do you do then to bolster your team to replace their lack of production at the moment?

You take advantage of the fantasy managers who aren’t being patient and who are overreacting, its time to put in an offer for a guy like Amari Cooper, Eddy Lacy and OBJ.

These players are good. They’re electric playmakers that are bound to find pay dirt sooner than later and their asking price has probably gone down from what it would have been two weeks ago.

The thing those looking to make a trade for a struggling star need to understand though is that even a panicking manager isn’t going to make a stupid move.

To get what you want, you’ve got to give a little. Melvin Gordon and Travis Kelce would be a totally appropriate offer to someone who has Todd Gurley but is thin at running back and has Cameron Brate as their tight end.

Trying to offer that same person Terrance West and Coby Fleener is not respectable and will leave that player less inclined to trade with you for insulting their knowledge of their player’s value.

Too often, people desiring to make a trade only consider what it is they want, not what it is that the person they’re trying to trade with need. Be considerate and thoughtful, reach out to that person and inquire about not only that player you want’s ability but what positions they think they’re lacking at.

Trying to pull a fast one on too many people and weasel them out of their good players for sub par deals is a great way to embargo you from trades all together.

Remember, you’ve got to give a little to get what you want. Have a plan, know which players you can comfortably move on from due to either emerging back-ups or less than promising schedules and remember to check out what it is another owner is looking for before firing trade offers willy-nilly.

Hopefully you’re 4-0, your team hasn’t underperformed and your stars are living up to their billing. If they aren’t, remember, just relax, ride it out, everything will be fine. That being said, if you know a friend who is freaking out over Deandre Hopkins’ dud this past week, you know what to do.


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