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Fall shows leave you screaming for more

By Nicholas Biria @NICHOLASBIRIA Get ready to set your DVR because many of your favorite shows are coming back, and there’s a lot of good new stuff. Whether you’re big on horror, drama or comedy there’s [...]

Mr. Robot: Hacking its way into the social dialogue

By CJ Peterson @cjpeterson51 The world is whatever it’s perceive it to be. And while this may be a freeing and liberating testament, it begs the question of what is factual and what is not. USA [...]

Our Fall TV Picks

The much-anticipated fall television season is here. Our entertainment specialists highlight the shows they most look forward to this season.         By Sabrina Solorzano and Nicholas Biria “Scream Queens” Creator Ryan Murphy, best [...]

Studying with Music, A Misconception

By Nicholas Biria and Sabrina Solorzano The 17th century playwright William Congreve once made the claim that “music hath charms that soothe a savage breast.” But can it help you with statistics, though? If you believe [...]

The 17-year Old Who Married Capitol Records Off One Song

Silento’ just turned 17 earlier this year and made it from Atlanta to Los Angeles and back off of his song “Watch Me”. The highschooler turned internet star got 220+ million views on his video released [...]

Ink blots: tattoos’ popularity as art continues to grow

Kalama Hines @KHines_Express The Creation of Adam is a world-renown masterpiece brushed by Michaelangelo in the early 1500s. The massive fresco painting illustrates his perspective on the Biblical story of man’s creation. It’s still being preserved [...]

The heart says Pacquiao, the head says Mayweather

Martin Gallegos @martinGboxing It’s no question who the world wants to see win the mega-fight taking place this Saturday in Las Vegas. From being homeless at the age of 12 to winning world titles in eight [...]

It only takes eight seconds to fall in love with ‘The Longest Ride’

Shayla Gasca @shaylamaritza Step right up and get ready to ride the bull. Nicholas Sparks, one of the best romance novelists of this generation, has had 10 of his bestselling novels converted into films. “The Longest [...]

Plot twists, the focal point of ‘Focus’

By Brianna Guillory @Bloatednani Get ready for a film that makes you leave the theater wondering, “What on Earth did I just watch?” But in a good way.  [...]

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: Why you are all going to watch it

By Martin Gallegos @martinGboxing It’s finally happening. After years of getting our hopes up and crushing them over and over again, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao have agreed to fight on May 2. While I would [...]