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Five ways to blow up your tax refund

A video by Aretha Welch! We gon’ save dat money! [...]

Ever tried wine infused ice cream?

Check out this by Aretha Welch! YUM! [...]

#BOTWC student video

Check out this video made by LPC student Aretha Welch! The video sends a message to the ancestors who made it possible for everyone to have basic human rights. [...]


Lani Moreno @Vivalalani07 Brandon Rogers is an alumnus of both Livermore High School and Las Positas College. He’s a rising YouTube sensation, with nearly 61 million views on his comedic YouTube videos. You may have seen [...]

The Flying Gourmet : A Touch and Go Experience

Check out this first-hand experience captured by Kirk Sylvester with Jim Jellison flying over the Tri-Valley. Great views of LPC! [...]

Texas – 14-year old Muslim Student Interrogated for DIY Clock

            By Mitchell Mylius Ahmed Mohammed, a 14-year old Muslim student was allegedly detained on Sept. 14 after he brought a homemade clock that a teacher mistook for a bomb to his [...]

Viral Video Results in Job Loss for Youtube Comedian

By Mitchell Mylius Youtube comedian Nicole Arbour recently released a video called “Dear Fat People”, that got a lot of views, but not a long-lasting support. The video was a viral rant similar to the other Youtuber, [...]

Homelessness in the Tri-Valley

Shawn Winders Homelessness may be dropping in the U.S., but is still a problem in California.   [...]

Serious health risks come with too much caffeine

Aretha Welch Special to The Express   When finals week approaches, students are asked to do a lot. Study hard, work, attend class and maintain their health — with only 24 hours per day. What often [...]

VIDEO: LPC celebrates 2013 Veterans Day

On November 7, 2013, Las Positas College celebrated Veterans Day with a number of events including a helicopter landing, military-themed speeches and distributing free food to veterans of the armed forces. LPC Video Journalism student Nico [...]