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Electronic love: How we navigate dating in a digital age

By Greg Buckley @Gbucking Love is like a box of chocolates. You just never know what you’re gonna get. Pretend to yourself that you didn’t say that in Forest Gump’s voice. Online dating can bring an [...]

Social media should not be a news source

Elisa Villanueva @BBELISACATS Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is grab my phone. I check all my social media for any posts that I missed while I was sleeping. Does this [...]

Las Positas College expresses presidential preferences

The people have spoken. Las Positas College students told the Express who they will be voting for this year, and the results are clear. With 172 students surveyed and taking into account the age and gender [...]

Mafia 3 to give gamers a glimpse of America’s past

By Jeremy Julian @FAITHFULMANTIS This week sees a major game release from the 2k studios published “Mafia 3.” This game is the third entry in the long-running open world crime series that has been around since [...]

Fantasy football: The end of the first quarter

By Eric Charbonnet @ECHARB10 Time needs to find a way to slow down. We’re already a quarter of the way through the NFL regular season and it hasn’t lacked for drama or excitement. The first month, [...]

Does “Pokemon Go” far enough?

By Ian Jones @IDJONESPHOTOG I got sucked into the Pokemon Go phenomenon a couple of weeks ago. It was fun but short lived. The system hiccuped and I lost everything. It was annoying, but I shed [...]

Fall shows leave you screaming for more

By Nicholas Biria @NICHOLASBIRIA Get ready to set your DVR because many of your favorite shows are coming back, and there’s a lot of good new stuff. Whether you’re big on horror, drama or comedy there’s [...]

The Search For The Truth Continues in Oakland

By Christopher Hartwell @SILENCESEEN To many people, 9/11 truthers disrespect the deceased by finding conspiracies where they don’t exist, but this is not their goal. They are not trying to deny anything that occurred, or deny [...]

How Baseball Healed A Nation

By Eric Charbonnet @ECHARB10   I think everyone remembers where he or she was on the morning of September 11, 2001. I know I sure do. I was seven years old in my parents’ kitchen eating [...]

Student-athletes balance life, sports and school

By Carleen Surrena @surrena_C A day in the life of a student-athlete can be demanding. It can vary on any given day. Wake up, breakfast, go to class, grab a quick snack – preferably something healthy [...]