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Hawks big man swats away bad habits

By Justine Chavez @VIVALAAJUSTINE 6’10, 220 pounds and ready to attack at any second. Anand Hundal is a power forward that leads the LPC men’s basketball team in rebounding, but he also leads the state in [...]

Small package, big impact

By Devin Bradshaw @DEVINTHEGREAT96 Jenna Kol has had better games with more gaudy numbers. But the game against Skyline College had to feel the best. Her 26 points, including six 3-pointers, back on Jan. 24, mattered [...]

Lady Hawks leader Paul Sapsford named Coach of the Year

Justine Chavez @JUSTINECHAVEZ01 “Average leaders raise the bar on themselves; good leaders raise the bar for others; great leaders inspire others to raise their own bar.” LPC’s Women’s Soccer coach Paul Sapsford embodies everything a true [...]

Vikings enter Hawks domain, steal playoffs

Devi Dixit There was a chill in the air as the Hawks faced the West Valley Vikings in game two of the playoffs. Spirits were high on both teams as they were competing to stay alive [...]

Las Positas men’s soccer team remains undefeated as they enter into playoff season

Devin Bradshaw @DEVINTHEGREAT96 Las Positas Men’s Soccer is heading to the playoffs riding a tremendous wave of momentum. Winning 14 straight games, going undefeated in their conference, the Hawks finished second in the conference only to [...]

Women’s soccer first time conference champions

Justine Chavez @JUSTINECHAVEZ01 The last time LPC’s women’s soccer team made the postseason, “Billie Jean” was number one on the Billboard Charts. But the 26-year drought is over. On Tuesday Nov.7, the Lady Hawks officially clinched [...]

Women’s soccer flopped in playoffs

Justine Chavez and Devin Bradshaw @JustineChavez01 and @DevinTheGreat96 Their historic season came to a sudden and swift end. LPC women’s soccer team was stifled in round one of the Norcal Playoffs. After going undefeated in conference [...]

Las Positas Men’s Soccer team looks to win conference

Christopher Hartwell @SILIENCESEEN Jen Burnett @JBURNETT11 Looking to dominate the field and take home trophies, this year’s men’s soccer team has what it takes to enter and possibly win the playoffs. On Friday, Oct. 27, Las [...]

Hawks look to return to playoffs

Justine Chavez @JUSTINECHAVEZ01 With only three players returning this season, the 2017-2018 LPC men’s basketball team is full of new, fresh faces. If coach James Giacomazzi is going to lead the Hawks to a third consecutive [...]

What it takes to be the MVP in college soccer

Justine Chavez @JUSTINECHAVEZ01 Jake Foscalina leads the team with 22 points. He has ten goals and two assists and in those two games, both were won by Las Positas. He has emerged as the Hawks’ best [...]