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How I helped start a revolution : The importance of social communication

By Jennifer Snook @sirjid On Monday, March 6, I became a certified rabble-rouser. Along with several other people, I staged the Rally for Transgender Solidarity here at LPC. It was a fairly rushed event. I went [...]

All disabilities are created equal

By Ian Jones @IDJonesPhotog In case you’ve been living under a rock, YouTube is an incredible thing. Apart from the ever-present cute cat videos, pranks, “let’s plays” and, let’s face it, pirated music, it can also [...]

Importance does not guarantee fame

By Ian Jones @IDJonesPhotog We all know who Martin Luther King, Jr. was. Gloria Steinem proudly wears a “pussy hat” for women’s rights, and she’s 82! Most people know who Frederick Douglass was. If you’re from [...]

Express Yourself

What should be changed about the LPC cafeteria?   “A lot of the food they have is greasy. I would put more effort towards the salad bar. They have a good one but make sure the [...]

How I became a pervert

By Jennifer Snook @Sirjid The first time I saw a naked woman I was about ten. I was at a friend’s birthday party. There were fourteen or fifteen of us, all boys, including the host, and [...]

Driven to drive: the financial hardships of driving disabled

By Ian Jones @IDJonesPhotog “So, can you drive?” I get that a lot. I can, but despite my age, I don’t — not yet. I have been working on it for a long time, though. Sometimes, [...]

There’s no such thing as a free lunch — or college

Letter to the Editor Dear Editor, Today, on my journey to class, I came upon, once again, The Express. Having enjoyed reading the views of the paper, and often disagreeing with them, as I have in [...]

Kaepernick takes a new stand as free agency falls upon him

Greg Buckley @gbuckking Out of work and in need of a job Colin Kaepernick decided his protest of kneeling for the national anthem has come full circle, and going forward will now stand. He started kneeling [...]

Equal education is the basis of equality

The Express Editorial Board Last year, hope was kindled for high school and college students alike, and his name was Bernie Sanders. The promise of free college was a dream that we dreamt of earnestly. It [...]

Chasing ‘love’

By Jennifer Snook @sirjid Trans people are still an exotic concept to many people. One of the most common places to find trans women represented is porn, so for many people, they’re nothing more than a [...]