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‘Heroism’ is not so far out of reach

By Ian Jones @IDJonesPhotog I’ve been told by some people that I’m pretty heroic because I live with a disability. To me, I’m just living my life, metaphorically putting one foot in front of the other. [...]

Gender has more than one voice

By Jennifer Snook @sirjid By now, trans people have a fair amount of visibility. Most people are aware of our existence. There are even a few trans celebrities, like Laverne Cox, Jen Richards, Lana and Lily [...]

Remembering my name

By Jennifer Snook @sirjid Chances are, you’ve always been called exactly what you want to be called. Whether it’s a name, a nickname, a title, most people’s wishes are simply accommodated. Even pets get this basic [...]

Violent games do not cause violence

By Jeremy Julian @faithfulmantis Was Christopher Colombus playing “Call of Duty” on the ship during his journey to slaughter the natives? Was Al Capone playing “Grand Theft Auto” when he orchestrated the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre? [...]

Minorities need to stick together

By Ian Jones @IDJonesPhotog A few weeks ago, a friend was verbally accosted in public, apparently for merely existing. My friend isn’t Black or Latino. My friend isn’t LGBTQ. My friend was trying to get to [...]

Smokers are people, too

By Greg Buckley @Gbuckking As a consumer myself of tobacco products, the two-dollar tax increase for a pack of cigarettes is ridiculous yet serves a higher purpose. So now that I pay $9 for a pack, [...]

‘Kenguru’ vehicle jumping for disabled drivers

By Ian Jones @IDJonesPhotog It seems like I get a notification from Facebook every few days, saying someone tagged me in a video – and it’s almost always the same one: the lady driving her wheelchair [...]

Lebron James makes being a Warriors fan difficult

By Greg Buckley @g_buck23 With the 2017 NBA playoffs about to start, it has to be said again: Lebron James is the best alive in the game. I’m a Golden State Warriors fan. I had no [...]

How I became a meme: the absurdity of online infamy

Elisa Villanueva @ bbelisacats As any other typical college student, all my schedule is filled with is going to work and school. Whenever I have a few extra minutes, or hours, I like to look through [...]

It’s good to be unimportant

By Jennifer Snook In the colony of Prodromos on the planet Eos, there is a scientist by the name of Hainly Abrams. I found her while wandering around in Bioware’s new game “Mass Effect: Andromeda.” When [...]