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‘Kenguru’ vehicle jumping for disabled drivers

By Ian Jones @IDJonesPhotog It seems like I get a notification from Facebook every few days, saying someone tagged me in a video – and it’s almost always the same one: the lady driving her wheelchair [...]

Lebron James makes being a Warriors fan difficult

By Greg Buckley @g_buck23 With the 2017 NBA playoffs about to start, it has to be said again: Lebron James is the best alive in the game. I’m a Golden State Warriors fan. I had no [...]

How I became a meme: the absurdity of online infamy

Elisa Villanueva @ bbelisacats As any other typical college student, all my schedule is filled with is going to work and school. Whenever I have a few extra minutes, or hours, I like to look through [...]

It’s good to be unimportant

By Jennifer Snook In the colony of Prodromos on the planet Eos, there is a scientist by the name of Hainly Abrams. I found her while wandering around in Bioware’s new game “Mass Effect: Andromeda.” When [...]

Project truth uses propaganda to raise awareness

By Greg Buckley @g_buck23 I was raised to mind my own business. I raise my daughters to mind their own business. I don’t like it when people get in my business. On April 3 and 4 [...]

How I helped start a revolution : The importance of social communication

By Jennifer Snook @sirjid On Monday, March 6, I became a certified rabble-rouser. Along with several other people, I staged the Rally for Transgender Solidarity here at LPC. It was a fairly rushed event. I went [...]

All disabilities are created equal

By Ian Jones @IDJonesPhotog In case you’ve been living under a rock, YouTube is an incredible thing. Apart from the ever-present cute cat videos, pranks, “let’s plays” and, let’s face it, pirated music, it can also [...]

Importance does not guarantee fame

By Ian Jones @IDJonesPhotog We all know who Martin Luther King, Jr. was. Gloria Steinem proudly wears a “pussy hat” for women’s rights, and she’s 82! Most people know who Frederick Douglass was. If you’re from [...]

Express Yourself

What should be changed about the LPC cafeteria?   “A lot of the food they have is greasy. I would put more effort towards the salad bar. They have a good one but make sure the [...]

How I became a pervert

By Jennifer Snook @Sirjid The first time I saw a naked woman I was about ten. I was at a friend’s birthday party. There were fourteen or fifteen of us, all boys, including the host, and [...]