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Equal education is the basis of equality

The Express Editorial Board Last year, hope was kindled for high school and college students alike, and his name was Bernie Sanders. The promise of free college was a dream that we dreamt of earnestly. It [...]

Chasing ‘love’

By Jennifer Snook @sirjid Trans people are still an exotic concept to many people. One of the most common places to find trans women represented is porn, so for many people, they’re nothing more than a [...]

Love should last longer than a day

By Greg Buckley @ GbucKking His breath comes to a quiet whisper. A sweat bead slowly trickles down his golden locks, leaving a trail as it travels across his forehead passing over his bushy eyebrows. He [...]

Freedom of speech is under fire

By Gabriel Crosetti @gabecrosetti Freedom of speech has been a hot topic in the United States recently. Especially here in the Bay area, where just over a week ago, protests at UC Berkeley turned destructive and [...]

An apology from the Express editorial board

The Express Editorial Board As members of the media, we are responsible for providing honest and, most importantly, factual news to those in our surrounding community. In order to do this, there is a necessity for [...]

Men’s basketball on historic pace after signature road win

By Gabriel Crosetti and C.J. Peterson @GABECROSETTI  and @CJPETERSON51 The men’s basketball program at Las Positas College is only in its 10th season, so it’s a small sample size. But this year’s edition is looking more [...]

Everyone’s a man until proven otherwise

By Jennifer Snook @SIRJID The internet is a wonderful and terrible place. It is full of people who will love and hate you unconditionally. It has some version of anything you could want, whether legal or [...]

President Trump should leave cannabis alone

By Ian Jones @IDJONESPHOTOG November through February is always the worst for my disability-related leg spasms, especially when it rains. Every 20 seconds or so, for hours on end: tense, relax. Tense, relax. Tense, relax. It’s [...]

Social media should not be a news source

Elisa Villanueva @BBELISACATS Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is grab my phone. I check all my social media for any posts that I missed while I was sleeping. Does this [...]

All voices need to be heard

Dear Editor, The editorial in the November 18th issue of The Express (“Our voices are not heard”) is one I have profound disagreements with, and is based on an incredibly erroneous premise: that the Electoral College [...]