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Why I chose to be conservative

Tim Guan @TIM_GUAN30 There’s the old saying, “If you’re young and conservative, you have no heart. If you’re old and liberal, you have no brain.” I chose the former, not because I have no heart(which I [...]

The lives we all live seperately

Taylor Lobb @TAYLORLOBB There are songs to write novels to, distinctiveness to create history with and wine to make love with. There is laughter, enough to make honey with, waves to dance to and expression to [...]

The reality of the world is not what it seems

Jennifer Snook @sirjid When I was 11, I assumed everyone was like me. I assumed that everyone secretly wanted to be a girl. I assumed that all the boys I went to school with looked on [...]

Wrapped in ribbons, tied up at the store

Ian D. Jones @IDJONESPHOTOG Here we go again, tis the season. Don’t get me wrong. I’m really not a Scrooge. I like being able to give gifts to loved ones, but every November/December, I start to [...]

Prey-ing for a change in our society

Taylor Lobb @TAYLORLOBB What do you enjoy doing for fun? Hiking, swimming, camping, and sports are just a few of the many past time activities that come to mind. However, there are some that have a [...]

Hunting for sport is fun and reasonable

Tim Guan @Tim_Guan30 Is it normal for a lion to hunt and kill its prey? A wolf will do the same just as ferociously and without thought. But when a human being does it (not as [...]

I’m different, but don’t call me crazy

Ian D. Jones @IDJONESPHOTOG I recently had an online discussion with a friend on what constitutes “stigma” when it comes to mental health. Their reaction to the shooting in Las Vegas was, to very slightly paraphrase, [...]

‘Merry Christmas’ is the sensible thing to say

Tim Guan @TIM_GUAN30 As we’re now arriving toward holiday season, there’s been much debate to whether we should greet people with “Happy Holidays” instead of, for example, “Merry Christmas.” I find this to be extremely ridiculous [...]

‘Happy Holidays’ is the most inclusive remark

Taylor Lobb @TAYLORLOB How will our divided nation spend this holiday season? America, being the melting pot of the world, is full of people from different ethnic background, of a multitude of cultures, and who all [...]

Impeachment is the option of last resort

Christopher Hartwell @SILIENCESEEN Regardless of how any of us may feel about our current commander-in-chief, there are several important facts that must be weighed. First of all, we are a land of laws– a land, which [...]