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Nothing to hide, nothing to worry about

Taylor Lobb @TAYLORLOBB What are you willing to sacrifice for your personal well being? As a country we have continued to experience mass devastation in the form of terrorism. Each person in the US can undeniably [...]

How should threats be treated?

Tim Guan @TEXASCOWBOY30 Helicopters flying above, SWAT teams armed to the teeth and everyone in a state of panic. I knew something horrible had surely happened on campus after receiving an alert through my phone. At [...]

Dear congress, disabled lives matter too

Ian D. Jones @IDJONESPHOTOG It seems as though every minority group in the country has been under attack or scrutiny in the past year, and I thought, “surely the disabled are safe.” … Then they came [...]

The right to bear arms is undeniable

Tim Guan @TEXASCOWBOY30 With the call for newer gun reform legislation—which roughly translates to stricter gun laws­—congress has been their usual incompetent self in achieving any outright reasonable gun reform legislation without sacrificing the Second Amendment [...]

Fighting gun control, fueling terrorists

 Taylor Lobb @TAYLORLOBB The controversy that exists surrounding gun control can be found in every crevice of the country. Such a heated topic is becoming something difficult to leave unaddressed, with tragedies sweeping the nation, affecting [...]

Editorial: How we must respond to terror and fear

In a world tearing itself apart, it is often too easy to throw your hands up in frustration and let yourself run from the conflict or to respond with violence. After Sept. 11, 2001, we came [...]

The biggest hoax since bigfoot is a liberal plot

Tim Guan @TEXASCOWBOY30 Global Warming is the biggest liberal hoax ever devised. Al Gore and his Global Warming alarmist agenda have received massive support from the public view, both scientifically and politically. Unfortunately, a public that [...]

Future climate change will doom us all

Taylor Lobb @TAYLORLOBB If one day the earth disintigrates and polar bears are never again to be seen, it will be our fault due to global warming as predicted by scientific experts in this field. But [...]

‘Heroism’ is not so far out of reach

By Ian Jones @IDJonesPhotog I’ve been told by some people that I’m pretty heroic because I live with a disability. To me, I’m just living my life, metaphorically putting one foot in front of the other. [...]

Gender has more than one voice

By Jennifer Snook @sirjid By now, trans people have a fair amount of visibility. Most people are aware of our existence. There are even a few trans celebrities, like Laverne Cox, Jen Richards, Lana and Lily [...]