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America increasingly numb to shootings

Seventeen people lost their lives in this week’s Stoneman Douglas shooting in Florida. Twenty eight were killed in Sandy Hook. Twelve people died at Columbine and twelve died in the 2012 Aurora shooting. Sixteen were killed [...]

Editorial: LPC’s sanctuary stance makes us proud

By The Express Editorial Board Survival of the fittest sounds great as a mantra when it’s a motivational pep talk aimed at the competitive spirit. But liberty, freedom and even morality are not a competition. Such [...]

Celebrities are just as qualified to run for president

Celebrity presidents: are they a good idea? By Alex Lontoc @ALEXXLONTOC There’s nothing wrong with a celebrity running for president. People seem to negate the idea of celebrities entering politics, when our current president himself is [...]

Having celebrities run for president is stupid

Celebrity presidents: are they a good idea? By Tim Guan @TIM_GUAN30 What has society become? A popularity contest where our “know next to nothing” celebrities dictate how our country should be run? This idea can only [...]

Free year of California college

By Ian Jones @IDJONESPHOTOG Free tuition for the first year of college?! In October, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 19 (AB-19,) the “California College Promise,” which provides just that, into law. Previously known as [...]

BSU makes return to campus

Letter to the editor- By: Inglish Hills Happy Black History Month, from LPC’S Black Student Union. With diversity growing at LPC, a few devoted women have decided to start a club that is dedicated to black [...]

Sexual harassment is always a crime

By Taylor Lobb @TAYLORLOBB As sexual assault survivors seek to the media for outreach, thousands are being criticized and ridiculed for their lengthy recovery and confession time. Credibility is being tarnished because victims are waiting months, [...]

Report Sexual Misconduct ASAP

By: Tim Guan @TGUAN30 The sudden whistleblow of sexual assault allegations within Hollywood have moved in full swing. In any case, don’t be a simple bystander — report any misconduct immediately. Rape and sexual harassment are [...]

Why I chose to be conservative

Tim Guan @TIM_GUAN30 There’s the old saying, “If you’re young and conservative, you have no heart. If you’re old and liberal, you have no brain.” I chose the former, not because I have no heart(which I [...]

The lives we all live seperately

Taylor Lobb @TAYLORLOBB There are songs to write novels to, distinctiveness to create history with and wine to make love with. There is laughter, enough to make honey with, waves to dance to and expression to [...]