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All voices need to be heard

Dear Editor, The editorial in the November 18th issue of The Express (“Our voices are not heard”) is one I have profound disagreements with, and is based on an incredibly erroneous premise: that the Electoral College [...]

Smart home tech opens doors

By Ian Jones @IDJONESPHOTOG I’ve had Siri on my phone since 2011, but until recently, that was the extent of my talking to inanimate objects. My family recently bought Amazon Echo, a Bluetooth enabled speaker that [...]

Conversion therapy is an attack on LGBT youth

By Jennifer Snook @SIRJID The American Psychological Association (APA) removed homosexuality from the list of mental disorders in 1973, but today, some people are still determined to “cure” LGBT people. One of the most prevalent ways [...]

Islamophobia: Why “radical Islamic terrorism” is a myth

By Usra Ali @USRAALIMSCM31 Throughout the election, ISIS has been brought up numerous times by candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The responses to the horrific terrorist attacks led by ISIS resulted in problematic responses voiced [...]

Wheels make moving easier, but Trump only builds stairs

By Ian Jones @IDJONESPHOTOG I’m so glad it’s almost over. I cannot wait any more. In a couple of weeks, given any luck, we soon won’t be hearing any more bickering between the shattered remains of [...]

What you need to forget to be a Trump supporter

By Jennifer Snook @SIRJID Unsurprisingly, transgender rights are a major factor in my decision of who to vote for. Unfortunately, neither candidate has made their position very clear on that issue. Trump flip-flopped when North Carolina’s [...]

Clinton’s past indicates a bright future for America

By Christopher Hartwell @SILIENCESEEN Hey, America. I know things haven’t been easy, but we always manage to make things turn out alright. Sure, there have been wars, poverty and even a few recessions, but we have [...]

Trump’s business sense will strengthen America

By Jen Burnett@JBURNETT11 Donald Trump. From Celebrity Apprentice to Presidential running mate, he has branded himself a household name. His arrogance, uncouth comments and erratic behavior have been the subject of controversy for months.  Love him [...]

Taking the donuts: When to ask for help

By Ian Jones @IDJONESPHOTOG Asking for help can be tough. In this society, self-sufficiency is big. It’s humbling to admit when I can’t handle something on my own, due to my disability. Countless books have been [...]

Women need more respect in sports

By Elisa Vilanueva @BBELISACATS You have just won your second medal in the Olympic Games, a personal accomplishment and every athlete’s dream. As you hold up your medal, there are photographers surrounding you. You wake up [...]