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Women’s soccer flopped in playoffs

Justine Chavez and Devin Bradshaw @JustineChavez01 and @DevinTheGreat96 Their historic season came to a sudden and swift end. LPC women’s soccer team was stifled in round one of the Norcal Playoffs. After going undefeated in conference [...]

Trump isn’t the enemy, it’s us

­ By Brianna Guillory  @BLOATEDNANI We did it, America. We did our duty and voted. Our voices were heard loud and clear and the results of Election Day reflected just that. It confirmed to us that [...]

Sneak peek on the newest kicks this fall

By Jeremy Julian @FAITHFULMANTIS The heat for your feet has arrived as the second half of 2016 has a lot in store for the kicks department. Over the next few months we will see several releases [...]

LPC’s men’s soccer unexpected loss

Elisa Villanueva @BBELISACATS During the first weekend of September, Las Positas College’s men’s soccer team played in a three-day tournament at Hartnell College in Salinas, Calif. This tournament consisted of eight community colleges around California. On [...]

Sausage What?

By Paris Ellis @PARISELLIS92 Released on Aug.12,2016 Sausage Party has critics ranting and raving. The film stars Seth Rogen (Super Bad) as the main character Frank alongside with Kristen Wigg (SNL) playing Brenda . Voice talents [...]

The new next gen?

By Jeremy Julian @faithfulmantis In the last few months, we’ve seen Microsoft and Sony announce new upgraded versions of their current consoles that are on the market. Microsoft is releasing a new Xbox One titled the [...]

iOS 9 : The Good, The Bad, The Useless

              By Kalama Hines The approximately 50 million iPhone users in the USA, and countless more using iPads, were recently given access to the latest software out of the Apple [...]

Livermore Police Asks Residents to Tap Into Surveillance Database System

By Mitchell Mylius Livermore Police Department is asking local residents who have surveillance cameras installed to log into a collective surveillance system they have to help solve crimes. The department is not asking residents for permanent [...]

‘Lazarus Effect’ a bad horror flick

By Nicole Silveira @nsilviera07 Unless you are looking for a cheesy, predictable, horror film, or you are too afraid to watch a scary movie that is actually scary, “The Lazarus Effect” is not for you. With [...]

SWAT training takes over LPC for second time

William Tanner Editor-in-Chief The Korean National Police team had just settled into their seats. Geared up with pistols and rifles fitted with laser tips, they listened to their interpreter intently. And then it began. Gunshots rang [...]