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Las Positas locked down for Nerf Guns

Christopher Hartwell Justine Chavez @SILENCESEEN @JUSTINECHAVEZ Authorities were forced to lock down Las Positas College after a student was reported to have a gun. At approximately 10:45 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 4, a campus faculty member [...]

Heros Around Us

Julia Coty @JULIACOTY  Appreciating and recognizing veterans and service members who attend LPC, “Heroes Around Us” will present their accomplishments and student life.  Name- Andrell Garcia Branch-National Guard Army Years served- 2012 to present Hometown- North [...]

Livermore Laboratory’s nanotechnology

Rachel Hanna @RACHELCH97 Las Positas College is full of events happening on campus. For some students who are interested in, majoring in, or have a love for science, the “Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory & Las Positas [...]

Workshops series aims to help students

Jen Burnett @JBURNETT11 Las Positas College is offering a variety of workshops s to help students succeed during their college years. Often time’s students are left with unanswered questions and the lack of knowledge needed to [...]

Trump places DACA under review

Changes made to DACA will affect 800,000 Julia Coty @JULIACOTY The immigration policy known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, had a pretty short lifespan. It was created for minors who entered the country [...]

Math pre-requisites will be eliminated in 2018

Jen Burnett @JENBURNETT11 Math Pre-Requisites will soon be eliminated Come Fall 2018, students will be happy to hear that come math prerequisites to complete general education requirements for their AA or transfer degree will be a [...]

Keeping LPC students and staff safe

Rachel Hanna @RachelCH97  An unnamed student wearing a backpack, dropped to his knees in front of the class in February. With his fingers shaped seemingly to mime a gun, per eyewitness reports, he closed his eyes, [...]

College president fights for his life

By Rachel Hanna @RachelCH97 LPC president Barry Russell has taken a leave of absence as he fights for his life against cancer. This past summer, Russell, in an email to the school, announced his brain cancer [...]

Veterans receive funding

Julia Coty @julia.coty From grenades to textbooks, tanks to city buses: A large portion of California’s community colleges, like Las Positas, are made up of veterans and enlisted soldiers. With over two million veterans residing in [...]

Umoja raises cultural awareness on campus

By Christopher Hartwell @SilienceSeen As new programs reach out to students to create networks of friends and classmates, Las Positas puts the community into community college. The newest program, Umoja, is debuting on campus this year [...]