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Fulbright professor prepares to teach English in Croatia

By Cierra Martinez @CIERRAMARIE26 Las Positas College English professor Dr. Catherine M. Eagan has been awarded a Fulbright U.S. Scholar grant to teach American Studies in Croatia for the spring 2017 semester. According to a press [...]

Election result raises concerns about DACA program’s future

By Usra Ali @USRAALIMSCM31 With the new president-elect Donald Trump, some people are worried about what may happen to the undocumented immigrants of this country, following his anti-immigrant remarks. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy, [...]

Kweku Williams and Zahra Billoo address Islamaphobia

By Paris Ellis @PARISELLIS92   LPC Anthropology Professor Kweku Williams was a featured speaker at a recent panel addressing Islamophobia among side with Executive Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Zahra Billoo to address controversial [...]

Las Positas classrooms are switching from Blackboard to Canvas

By Laura Kuang @LAURAKUANG Blackboard has been a learning management system (or LMS) for the universities and colleges for a long time. Professors use Blackboard to help with their teaching instructions as well as assign student [...]

Military members celebrated on campus for Veteran’s Day

Christopher Hartwell @SILIENCESEEN A solemn feeling swept the audience as the words of veterans filled the air. Iraq War veteran Jim Zenner and Vietnam War veteran John McPartland spoke at this event held in the Mertes [...]

Las Positas College expresses presidential preferences

The people have spoken. Las Positas College students told the Express who they will be voting for this year, and the results are clear. With 172 students surveyed and taking into account the age and gender [...]

Prop 60 looks to put barriers in porn

By Elisa Villanueva @BBELISACATS Adult film stars in California are hit by this year’s ballot. But will it help them or limit them? According to, Proposition 60 will “require adult film performers to use condoms [...]

Marijuana legalization on the ballot

By April Johnson @APRILBLAKE_ This upcoming election has a hot topic on the ballot. Proposition 64 would allow California residents and visitors 21 and older to buy and carry up to an ounce of marijuana for [...]

Mice are overrunning Las Positas

By Cierra Martinez@CIERRAMARIE26 and C.J. Peterson @CJPETERSON51 As many may have noticed, Las Positas has acquired some new visitors that have come to stay with us on campus. But these visitors are not new students, faculty [...]

Campus disturbance leads to arrest

By Usra Ali @USRAALIMSCM31 An arrest was made on Thursday, Oct. 13th at 4:50 p.m. on the Las Positas campus after a student suspected of being intoxicated caused disturbances in various parts of the school. According [...]