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VR can help disabled in society, but obstacles remain

  Last year, I wrote about disability and video games. Over the summer, I realized I had totally ignored an important genre of video games, even though it’s an up and coming one: Virtual Reality. After [...]

Freedom of speech must not include hate speech

Current events can be described in a few lines: “ It’s 2017 in a 40s trend with a racist president that’s ‘making everything great again.’” This quote is from the song “Good Night Alt-Right” by punk [...]

Freedom of speech is an undeniable right for all

Brave men and women throughout history have fought tirelessly for their right to speak their minds. However, any person living in this volatile day and age would agree that there needs to be a boundary placed [...]

New Star Wars Actor Catches Racist Reaction on New Role

              By Kalama Hines @HINESight_2020 A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Only white people were allowed. At least that is what a massive group of alleged [...]

NFL Week I : We all Know Nothing

            By Martin Gallegos Everything you thought you knew about football is a lie, or at least that’s what week one of the new football sea- son exposed. All throughout the [...]

Naked Theft : An Attack on Free Expression

          By Travis Danner If you look at any magazine rack in just about any grocery store, you will see scantily clad women. You will see big, bold enticing headlines like “19 [...]

Ichiro at All-time High with Achievements in MBL

By Kalama Hines SPORTS EDITOR It was a Saturday afternoon in St. Louis. If not for the numbers involved, it would have been nothing new – modus operandi.  With a liner between the second and first [...]

Predictions for this Major League Baseball season

The Express’ sports junkies make their predictions for what should be expected out of this year’s professional baseball season. Find out the division winners, award winners and eventual champion just two weeks into the season. [...]

NCAA players the only Cinderellas in this year’s tourney

I found myself plastered to the couch, entranced. Even without a vested interest, I am glued to the television. Cheering. Laughing. Screaming. The intensity increases as the clock minutes evaporate, all pointing to a riveting end [...]

Midterm election runs blood red

You just elected a bunch of terrible human beings to the United States Congress, America. Congratulations. You did it. You made sure last night’s midterm election sucked. Despite all kinds of real measurable progress we’ve made [...]