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Student makes miraculous recovery after brush with death

By Elisa Villanueva @BBElisacats Monday through Friday students commute to Las Positas. Some from the Bay Area, some from the valley and for some, even further. Students get up as early as four in the morning [...]

Remembering our fallen: how families commemorate the lives lost to war

By Greg Buckley @gbuckking Life and death. Words that dance among themselves and create a memory highway connected to one’s deepest emotions. The best of memories are always the simplest. It can be a smell or [...]

Star athlete takes on new life

Las Positas diver learns to be a mother as a student and a record-breaking athlete. Carleen Surrena @Surrena_c In 2016 the U.S. Census Bureau reported that out of about 12 million single parent families, single mothers [...]

The grind of international students: transcending borders and expectations

By Gabriel Crosetti @gabecrosetti They account for less than two percent of Las Positas College students, but if you were to walk around the campus you would think that fraction was much higher. Whether you’re walking [...]

Silent chaos: The daily battle that is OCD

By Konnor McIntosh @easymoney_mac When mental health disorders are discussed in social circles, they are often met with condescension or downright disrespect. Think of how many times in casual conversation phrases like “don’t be retarded” come [...]

History professor fights against news censorship

By Greg Buckley @gbuckking The Zombie Apocalypse has materialized, and is in full effect here on the Las Positas campus. Everywhere you look, you’ll find the frozen faces following the feet in front of them. Most [...]

How Guys Struggle with Online Dating

By Elisa Villanueva  @bbelisacats As a college student balancing school and work is hard enough. Trying to set aside time to find a new fling can be a struggle when so much is on your plate. [...]

Lifelong academic takes his place as new athletic director

By Carleen Surrena @SURRENA_C It’s been one month since the new athletic director took the reins of the Las Positas College athletics department. With the official title of Dean of Business, Health, Athletics and Work Experience [...]

It’s a long road out to recovery from here

Eric Pineda @EVPINEDA311 Thousands of people travel to Central America every year to get a glimpse of the rich Hispanic culture, experience famous landmarks, and take in its active wildlife. While many come back from this [...]

Clinton Vs. Trump

Hillary Clinton By Carleen Surrena @SURRENA_C In 2001, Hillary Clinton was elected to the U.S. Senate making her the first American first lady to ever win a seat in public office. From 2009-2013 she served as [...]