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The best gift is the gift of boring, but useful

Jennifer Snook @SIRJID Buying gifts is hard. Your dad doesn’t seem to want anything, and you gave him enough tool kits when you were younger to last a lifetime. So, you head to Walmart, buy him [...]

Life in the limelight: presenting Harold NY

Alex Lontoc and Christopher Hartwell @ALEXXLLONTOC @SILIENCESEEN From textbooks to scripts, classrooms to stage sets, teachers to directors. Harold Ny, a student at Las Positas, juggles schoolwork and acting. A third year student at Las Positas, [...]

‘Dancing at Lughnasa’ portrays the lives of five Irish sisters

Elizabeth Joy @ELIZABE53603091 Walking into the Black Box Theater, one is immediately in a time warp. The stage is so impressive, simply and authentically designed, it transports you instantaneously into the early twentieth century. As the [...]

Dear Disney- a little restraint, please

Christopher Hartwell @SILIENCESEEN In the most recent Disney film, “Coco”, it was a dismay to most of the audience that there was a “Frozen” short film that although not asked for, was shoehorned into the screening [...]

Sexual harassment charges rock Hollywood

Elizabeth Joy Elizabe53603091 Actor Kevin Spacey’s career quickly folded when former co-star, Anthony Rapp, made public accusations of sexual assault on Oct. 29.  Netflix dismissed Spacey immediately from his lead roll on the hit series, “House of Cards” [...]

Technicolor melodies create tone of Odesza concert

Taylor Lobb @TAYLORLOBB Light beams danced on the crowd, illuminating their faces one by one with hues of blue, yellow and purple that seemed to perfectly pair with the expression of contentment on each one of [...]

‘Happy Death Day’ not a very lively film

Hunter Melone @HUNTER_MELONE With halloween coming around the corner, horror films flood the box office. Unfortunately a majority of theses movie tend to be either mediocre or flat out terrible, “Happy Death Day” is one on [...]

Playstation VR takes gaming to the next level

Ian Jones @IDJONESPHOTOG In the Sept. 1 issue of “The Express,” I discussed how I’d heard that virtual reality systems like the HTC Vive and the PlayStation VR were allegedly problematic for the disabled. I noted [...]

‘The Water Engine’ provides plot set to radio programming

Alexandra Lontoc @ALEXXLLONTOC As the lights go dim, students clad in wide suits, suspenders and flared dresses take center stage and bring their audience back to 1930s Chicago for a broadcasting of a radio play. On [...]

“Into the Night” a hidden gem in Mertes Center gallery

Taylor Lobb @TAYLORLOBB Imagine yourself shoulders deep into studying for midterms during one of your various half-hour to hour long breaks throughout the day. In each of them you’re consumed by assignments, appointments, work scheduling, or [...]