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Brighton Beach: from their family to yours

By Elisa Villanueva @BBElisacats If you think your family is dysfunctional, think again. Friday March 31 through Sunday April 9, students and the public can come watch the performance of Brighton Beach Memoirs, presented by the [...]

The Air Force Concert Band brings patriotism and sentiment

Brianna Ross @itsbriross On a stage basked in ambient lighting, 50 musicians in Air Force attire performed melodic symphonies for a nearly filled to capacity theater. On March 13, Las Positas hosted a free concert in [...]

Students bring old style sounds into modern notes

By Christopher Hartwell @Silienceseen As the lights overhead fell to darkness, the crowd felt an energy pulse through the theater as old style jazz washed over their ears. The sensations brought by these songs from composition [...]

Shark tanked: Events at LPC are lackluster

COMMENTARY By Greg Buckley and Gabriel Crosetti @gbuckking and @gabecrosetti A handful of sharks were swimming around, but the tank never opened. If students and staff ever wonder why no one shows up to campus events, [...]

LPC celebrates women through photography

By Brianna Ross @itsbriross Barbara Reynolds has been hosting the Celebrate Women event on campus for 3 years. Reynolds, who has traveled the world has had the opportunity to take masterful photographs of all the places [...]

Mainstream music gets the volume turned up in 2017

By Gabriel Crosetti @GABECROSETTI We’re not even three months into 2017, and yet it feels like a year’s worth of music has already been released. The website estimates that over 110 albums have already been [...]

A beautiful open world expands console gaming’s horizons

By Jeremy Julian @faithfulmantis The open world genre is arguably the hardest type of game to develop. The developers must pay attention to how large the world is and what to populate it with. These large [...]

The Queen of Hip-Hop is unseated in verbal combat

Brianna Ross @itsbriross Nicki Minaj was lyrically murdered in the media by old-school rapper Remy Ma. Recently, Remy set Twitter on fire with the release of her diss track “ShETHER.” The Bronx rapper went on a [...]

Former dean of arts and letters performs

Christopher Hartwell @Silienceseen Often called the king of instruments, the pipe organ is a large and complex musical mechanism much bigger than any other. Thus, seeing the performance of a professional musician who is a master [...]

Poetry club displays local talent at open mic night

By Brianna Ross @itsbriross Surrounded by walls plastered with flyers and announcements, tables are filled with talkative students. A Starbucks kiosk occupies the center of the room and in the front of rows of empty seats [...]