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Spring 2017 delivers a bounty of great games

COMMENTARY By Jeremy Julian @faithfulmantis The season is coming to an end very soon, and it has been a memorable one for video game fans. Spring 2017 will be one to remember for all of gaming [...]

Fun summer projects to boost your resume

By Brianna Ross @itsbriross Summer break is a great time to develop marketable skills to prepare for the transition from academia into the workforce. It has always been stressed that summer internships are instrumental in helping [...]

‘13 Reasons Why’ sends mixed signals

Paris Ellis and Brianna Ross @ParisEllis92 and @itsbriross The doors open and all eyes are on you. As you walk down the hall, whispers fill the air. The person who you thought was your friend now [...]

Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DAMN.’ proves his creative worth

COMMENTARY By Brianna Ross @ITS BRIROSS Kendrick Lamar has become a household name over the past few years for good reason. A tour through his musical catalog reveals his verbal dexterity, capacity for reflection and his [...]

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ is within reach on consoles

REVIEW By Jeremy Julian @faithfulmantis It’s about time that Marvel finally gets the Telltale Games treatment. After the success of Batman, it left fans with the yearning to have more superhero games made by the developer. [...]

Scorpio beats PS4 Pro in power, but not titles

REVIEW By Jeremy Julian @faithfulmantis The video game console industry has always been a race for the most sales, games and power. Xbox and PlayStation have been at it for years to see who can make [...]

How music festivals have created their own culture

COMMENTARY By Brianna Ross @itsbriross A field of grass is hidden beneath shoes and bouncing bodies as thousands of festivalgoers dance under the desert sun. Bass is omnipresent, and giant LED light displays set the backdrop [...]

Humorous play bring audience back to 1937

REVIEW By Brianna Ross @itsbriross Old time music plays in the background as a crowd enters through the double doors of the Black Box Theater – leaving behind the familiarities of the year 2017 and stepping [...]

The message you missed in Get Out

COMMENTARY By BRIANNA ROSS @ITSBRIROSS “Get Out,” from writer and director Jordan Peele, is a horror movie with a modern twist. The breakout film provides a unique approach to the horror movie genre while also addressing [...]

The Switch is a hit on Nintendo’s future

REVIEW By JEREMY JULIAN @faithfulmantis Nintendo was working on a console code named the “NX” and it gained buzz from everywhere. It was their successor to the Wii U, which many believe is a commercial and [...]