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“Into the Night” a hidden gem in Mertes Center gallery

Taylor Lobb @TAYLORLOBB Imagine yourself shoulders deep into studying for midterms during one of your various half-hour to hour long breaks throughout the day. In each of them you’re consumed by assignments, appointments, work scheduling, or [...]

Kingsman- western gunslinger meets English spy

Hunter Melone @HUNTER_MELONE Based on the comic book franchise of the same title name, “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” keeps to its colorful tongue-in-cheek aesthetic that makes the franchise as a whole stand out. The film plays [...]

The Weeknd, not your everyday concert

Julia Coty @JULIACOTY The Weeknd brought his “Starboy:Legend of the Fall 2017 World Tour” to Oakland on Oct. 9 and he did not disappoint his fans. While everyone was waiting for the Weeknd to take the [...]

Trump is tweeting away the country

Alexandra Lontoc @ALEXXLLONTOC After a long day at work, you decide to log in to Twitter to rant about all the stupid things that happened that day. You complain that your co worker didn’t listen to [...]

Communication through movement

Alex Lontoc @ALEXXLLONTOC Communication through movement Picture a beautiful lush forest in Sweden, four American dancers, five horses, six autistic Swedish performers—and the dancers have a deadline to perform in front of a crowd. “Hästdans på [...]

‘It’ grabs on to you and won’t let go

Hunter Melone @HUNTER_MELONE Is “It” Good? With great characters and phenomenal story presentation, “It” easily takes the position as the best horror film to come out in 2017 so far. Based on Stephen King’s novel “It” [...]

Harvey and Irma victims take spotlight as celebrities offer aid

Alexandra Lontoc @ALEXXLLONTOC Artists are turning on their microphones and actors are pressing play on the cameras, this time for a good cause. From red carpets to award shows, celebrities are trading in their suits and [...]

‘Atomic Blonde’: a hyper stylistic take on spy warfare

Hunter Melone @HUNTER_MELONE With incredible action sequences and a creative use of color presentation “Atomic Blonde” is easily one of the most visually stunning films to come out it in 2017. Based on the graphic novel [...]

Spring 2017 delivers a bounty of great games

COMMENTARY By Jeremy Julian @faithfulmantis The season is coming to an end very soon, and it has been a memorable one for video game fans. Spring 2017 will be one to remember for all of gaming [...]

Fun summer projects to boost your resume

By Brianna Ross @itsbriross Summer break is a great time to develop marketable skills to prepare for the transition from academia into the workforce. It has always been stressed that summer internships are instrumental in helping [...]