Features — 13 December 2017

Photographs by Julia Coty


Keynote speaker Lieutenant Joe Torrillo recalls September 11, 2001 during the 9/11 remembrance at Las Positas College.



Firefighter equipment on display at LPC during the 9/11 remembrance event.

9/11 towers displayed on stage among other memorabilia.



Audience in the Barbara Mertes Center for the Arts stand during the national anthem and presenting of flags.

Presenting flags before the keynote speaker begins.

Elaine Johnson sings the national anthem for the 9/11 remembrance event with keynote speaker Lieutenant Joe Torrillo in attendance in the front.

Guardsmen walking off after presenting the flags.

Pearl Harbor survivor. Michael Ganitch, looking on during the 9/11 memorial.

Veterans are recognized as they stand and are applauded by the audience.

Lieutenant Joe Torrillo recalls the South Towers falling on 9/11.

Todd Steffan greets the audience before the keynote speaker is brought on stage.

Lieutenant Joe Torrillo shows pictures from 9/11.

Pearl Harbor survivor Michael Ganitch and his wife, also a veteran, speak to campus security about their experiences.

Lieutenant Joe Torrillo describes the events that destroyed the World Trade Center, causing him to be buried alive twice.

Korean war veteran, left, Lieutenant Joe Torrillo, middle, and Pearl Harbor veteran Michael Ganitch, right, speak during the 9/11 luncheon.

Firefighters are recognized as the audience applauds them.


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