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Las Positas locked down for Nerf Guns

Christopher Hartwell Justine Chavez @SILENCESEEN @JUSTINECHAVEZ Authorities were forced to lock down Las Positas College after a student was reported to have a gun. At approximately 10:45 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 4, a campus faculty member [...]

Nothing to hide, nothing to worry about

Taylor Lobb @TAYLORLOBB What are you willing to sacrifice for your personal well being? As a country we have continued to experience mass devastation in the form of terrorism. Each person in the US can undeniably [...]

How should threats be treated?

Tim Guan @TEXASCOWBOY30 Helicopters flying above, SWAT teams armed to the teeth and everyone in a state of panic. I knew something horrible had surely happened on campus after receiving an alert through my phone. At [...]

Tragic crash steals life of young LPC student

Elizabeth Joy @ELIZABE53603091 Death is a natural part of life, but when a life is finished the light shining in them ceases to light the twinkling in the eyes of the ones who loved them Karter [...]

Heros Around Us

Julia Coty @JULIACOTY  Appreciating and recognizing veterans and service members who attend LPC, “Heroes Around Us” will present their accomplishments and student life.  Name- Andrell Garcia Branch-National Guard Army Years served- 2012 to present Hometown- North [...]

Livermore Laboratory’s nanotechnology

Rachel Hanna @RACHELCH97 Las Positas College is full of events happening on campus. For some students who are interested in, majoring in, or have a love for science, the “Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory & Las Positas [...]

Workshops series aims to help students

Jen Burnett @JBURNETT11 Las Positas College is offering a variety of workshops s to help students succeed during their college years. Often time’s students are left with unanswered questions and the lack of knowledge needed to [...]

The Weeknd, not your everyday concert

Julia Coty @JULIACOTY The Weeknd brought his “Starboy:Legend of the Fall 2017 World Tour” to Oakland on Oct. 9 and he did not disappoint his fans. While everyone was waiting for the Weeknd to take the [...]

Eminem spits diss against Trump at BET Awards

Justine Chaves @JUSTINECHAVEZ01 Eminem annihilates President Trump in a 4.5 minute freestyle at the BET Awards on Oct. 10. Eminem ”came to stomp” in his intense, yet beautifully said freestyle cypher against President Trump. For many [...]

Trump is tweeting away the country

Alexandra Lontoc @ALEXXLLONTOC After a long day at work, you decide to log in to Twitter to rant about all the stupid things that happened that day. You complain that your co worker didn’t listen to [...]