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Don’t Fall Asleep in Fantasy Football

Devin Bradshaw @DevinTheGreat96 Fantasy Sports is a $7 billion industry with more than 59 million participants. On average, players spend $556 in a given 12-month period on league-related costs, according to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. [...]

Keeping LPC students and staff safe

Rachel Hanna @RachelCH97  An unnamed student wearing a backpack, dropped to his knees in front of the class in February. With his fingers shaped seemingly to mime a gun, per eyewitness reports, he closed his eyes, [...]

Harvey and Irma victims take spotlight as celebrities offer aid

Alexandra Lontoc @ALEXXLLONTOC Artists are turning on their microphones and actors are pressing play on the cameras, this time for a good cause. From red carpets to award shows, celebrities are trading in their suits and [...]

Buried alive but survived: Joe Torrillo recalls unforgettable 9/11

Julia Coty @JULIACOTY Suffocation. Darkness. Chaos. Lieutenant Joe Torrillo lay under concrete slabs and rubble in the darkness, feeling helpless as he prepared himself for death. Torrillo is one of few survivors of 9/11, having been [...]

‘Atomic Blonde’: a hyper stylistic take on spy warfare

Hunter Melone @HUNTER_MELONE With incredible action sequences and a creative use of color presentation “Atomic Blonde” is easily one of the most visually stunning films to come out it in 2017. Based on the graphic novel [...]

Editorial: How we must respond to terror and fear

In a world tearing itself apart, it is often too easy to throw your hands up in frustration and let yourself run from the conflict or to respond with violence. After Sept. 11, 2001, we came [...]

The biggest hoax since bigfoot is a liberal plot

Tim Guan @TEXASCOWBOY30 Global Warming is the biggest liberal hoax ever devised. Al Gore and his Global Warming alarmist agenda have received massive support from the public view, both scientifically and politically. Unfortunately, a public that [...]

Future climate change will doom us all

Taylor Lobb @TAYLORLOBB If one day the earth disintigrates and polar bears are never again to be seen, it will be our fault due to global warming as predicted by scientific experts in this field. But [...]

College president fights for his life

By Rachel Hanna @RachelCH97 LPC president Barry Russell has taken a leave of absence as he fights for his life against cancer. This past summer, Russell, in an email to the school, announced his brain cancer [...]

Veterans receive funding

Julia Coty @julia.coty From grenades to textbooks, tanks to city buses: A large portion of California’s community colleges, like Las Positas, are made up of veterans and enlisted soldiers. With over two million veterans residing in [...]