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Las Positas instructor basks in ‘Golden’ moment

By Connor McIntosh @Easymoney_Mac As he walks into the local Starbucks to get writing, he’s greeted by regular customers and his normal order is already being made. For Bay Area News Group columnist Marcus Thompson II, [...]

The grind of international students: transcending borders and expectations

By Gabriel Crosetti @gabecrosetti They account for less than two percent of Las Positas College students, but if you were to walk around the campus you would think that fraction was much higher. Whether you’re walking [...]

Observing the first legal 4/20: Students talk about their plans to celebrate — or not

By Christopher Hartwell @Silienceseen It’s been five months since the elections this past year. Nov. 8, 2016 marked a momentous occasion that changed everything: cannabis became legal recreationally in California. With April 20, known widely as [...]

Scorpio beats PS4 Pro in power, but not titles

REVIEW By Jeremy Julian @faithfulmantis The video game console industry has always been a race for the most sales, games and power. Xbox and PlayStation have been at it for years to see who can make [...]

How music festivals have created their own culture

COMMENTARY By Brianna Ross @itsbriross A field of grass is hidden beneath shoes and bouncing bodies as thousands of festivalgoers dance under the desert sun. Bass is omnipresent, and giant LED light displays set the backdrop [...]

‘Kenguru’ vehicle jumping for disabled drivers

By Ian Jones @IDJonesPhotog It seems like I get a notification from Facebook every few days, saying someone tagged me in a video – and it’s almost always the same one: the lady driving her wheelchair [...]

Lebron James makes being a Warriors fan difficult

By Greg Buckley @g_buck23 With the 2017 NBA playoffs about to start, it has to be said again: Lebron James is the best alive in the game. I’m a Golden State Warriors fan. I had no [...]

How I became a meme: the absurdity of online infamy

Elisa Villanueva @ bbelisacats As any other typical college student, all my schedule is filled with is going to work and school. Whenever I have a few extra minutes, or hours, I like to look through [...]

Humorous play bring audience back to 1937

REVIEW By Brianna Ross @itsbriross Old time music plays in the background as a crowd enters through the double doors of the Black Box Theater – leaving behind the familiarities of the year 2017 and stepping [...]

Silent chaos: The daily battle that is OCD

By Konnor McIntosh @easymoney_mac When mental health disorders are discussed in social circles, they are often met with condescension or downright disrespect. Think of how many times in casual conversation phrases like “don’t be retarded” come [...]